Everything But The Kitchen Sink Cookies

Check out this little guy. This is Buckwheat. He is always scurrying around our backyard, and has a special spot in one of our trees where he likes to lay and rest. I captured this perfect candid shot of him last week on our deck.


In other news, I’ve been baking!


It’s no secret that I love baking cookies. It’s probably safe to say they are my favorite thing to bake! Maybe it’s the whole pre-portioned size thing. As a kid I was always looking for new cookie recipes to tackle – the more complicated, the better!

My aunt found the cutest and most perfect Christmas  gift for me – a cookie cookbook! The Cookiepedia, in fact. It is just too cute inside.


I just love poring over cookbooks. This week, I chose a recipe from the “Buttery” chapter. I do love me some buttah.

These were the “Every-But-The-Kitchen-Sink” cookies – which are highly customizable! Basically one cup of sweet and one and a half cups of salty mix-ins are added to the dough. The author gives several mix-in suggestions – everything from chocolate to toffee to Cool Ranch Doritos to wasabi peas.

Gettin’ a little cray here.


My mix-ins were fairly tame this time:

    • Sweet: Dark Chocolate Chunks, Reese’s Peanut Butter Chips, and Sweetened Coconut Flakes
    • Salty: Wavy’s Lays Potato Chips


These made some big ol’ cookies, yo!

They looked SO professional. I seriously constantly tell myself I should probably open a bakery or a restaurant or a café or something. Nom Nom Café? I would probably serve Roos Roast Coffee in a French Press, too. It’d be prettay dang legit.P1100686

I also baked my cookies atop parchment paper, for the first time ever, per Cookiepedia’s suggestion, and I was a huge fan! There was no cookie stick-age to the pan, and cleanup was a breeze. The paper can also be reused for multiple batches.


These ‘Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink’ Cookies were thick and substantial. Using my particular blend of mix-ins, I found the texture to have a bit of a salty crunch, from the potato chips, yet still a bit of chewy give, from the sweetened coconut. I’m totally a sweet and salty girl, so…

…Basically, they were awesome!


COO-KIE! Nomnomnomnom.P1100699

I have my eye on the French Macarons recipe next!! Because clearly I have been thinking about macarons since Paris.

Recipe source: Cookiepedia – by Stacy Adimando.

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2 thoughts on “Everything But The Kitchen Sink Cookies

  1. Those cookies look amazing! I have now added that cookbook to my wish list. I agree on the cookie front–they are my favorite to make. I got a stainless steel cookie scooper for Christmas and want to use it for everything!

  2. What a great photo of Buckwheat ! WOW Those cookies look delicious. You always did love your Lays chips. Aunt Becky found the perfect gift for you ! MOM

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