Ann Arbor Restaurant Week–Dinner at Sava’s

It’s almost Friday! Thank gawd. Today was somewhat stressful. Everyone was blowin’ up my phone at work today like crazy. And I’m really not a phone person. I really prefer to communicate in-person or electronically. Over the phone I just can’t see how the other person is reacting to what I am saying any it bothers me. And electronically, well, the pressure is just off. Shrugs. That’s just me. I’m awkward.

So after the endless phone calls, the huz and I took advantage of Ann Arbor Restaurant Week and went to Sava’s for dinner. We had a nice seat in the front window, facing State Street, which was fun! (But a little chilly).

image (38)

It was a busy night at Sava’s! We arrived early for our reservation, and had to wait a few minutes, but we still managed to be seated before our scheduled reservation time. Nice!!

image (37)

Dark Horse Raspberry Ale to drank.

photo (2)

As part of the restaurant week deal, we split an appetizer, and decided to go with the Bang Bang Shrimp which was mind-blowingly good. Fried shrimp tossed in a very bold flavorful sauce with a nice bit of heat – perhaps like Buffalo Wild Wings’ Asian Zing wing sauce mixed with a creamy coconut curry sauce! SO GOOD. I scarfed all the lettuce garnish as well, because it was dressed in the sauce! Definitely the highlight of the meal!

image (34)

For my entrée, I had the blackened swordfish, topped with a pineapple, tomato, and avocado relish, served atop a corn and black bean orzo. The orzo mixture was especially flavorful. Solid.

image (35)

The huz had the puff pastry-topped chicken pot pie. I had a bite and it was yum.

image (39)

Dessert was a bit stingy, but delicious, regardless. It was a tad on the melted side by the time it arrived to our table. We shared a big scoop of espresso gelato, and it had a really bold espresso flavor. Yum!

image (36)

Not a bad deal at all! We had a very delicious dinner and enjoyed the 2 for $28 deal.

Off to go watch a DVR’ed episode of Catfish. Anyone else into this show? This MTV reality show is a guilty pleasure for me. The show is about online dating and I must admit I am especially intrigued by the show because my current relationship of 7.5 years (and marriage of 4.5 years) began as an online relationship, via a Facebook “poke.’” Crazy, right? So that is my excuse. Luckily, when I met the huz for the first time in “real life” he (nor I) had no crazy secrets. He didn’t weigh 600 pounds or have any kids or a wife or a sex change or anything. So that worked out well.

Rolling on the floor laughing

Have a good one!

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