A Little Love For Ypsi and The D

I had a rather interesting Sunday in Ypsilanti and Detroit yesterday, so I thought I might pop in to tell you about it.

Five Cent Femme planned out an adventurous day for J&M Corp (how we used to refer to ourselves at the young and naïve age of 16).

First stop: Ypsi.

We tried to hit up Woodruff’s for brunch at noon, but alas, brunch begins at 1:00 PM. Instead we walked a couple doors down to grab some food at Sidetrack. No complaints here!

image (42)

I had the specialty burger of the day which was a Sacre Bleu burger with bleu (I prefer blue..) cheese, bacon, raw onion, lettuce, and tomato. I subbed sweet potato fries for the cajun fries. NOM. Amazing, as always. Five Cent Femme ordered the huz’s BBQ Slaw Burger.

image (43)

At 1:00 PM, we headed over to Woodruff’s for “Bitchy Bingo”! What is “Bitchy Bingo” you ask!?

I asked too.

It is, in fact, an event held twice monthly at Woodruffs which involves games of Bingo hosted by the glamorous members of Boylesque – Chanel Hunter and Jadein Black. It was a riot, and Chanel and Jadein were fabulous hosts and bingo callers.

image (41)

Brunch and Drag Queen-hosted Bingo would not be complete without a Bloody Mary, or in this case “BLOOD.”

image (44)

Definitely a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Recommended! I hope to go again.

image (32)-2

Next stop: The D!

Passing the GM RenCen

image (58)

We visited Detroit for the final day of the North American International Auto Show.

Ahh… a girl can dream.

auto show - cut

There was a large turnout.

image (49)

The whole day we were just waiting for something bad to happen – but it never really did. (I have a track record of having something scary happening every time I  go to Detroit, for instance, running out of antifreeze in da ghetto hood [which, in retrospect, is hardly even close to the worst thing that could happen in Detroit]). The whole experience was remarkably smooth, from finding Cobo, parking, taking a shuttle from the structure, purchasing tickets, getting around, and returning safely back to our cars. Easy peasy. We felt like real-life adults.

image (61)

The entire time Five Cent Femme was driving around Detroit, I was begging her to PLEASE not follow the “Bridge to Canada” signs and accidentally take us to Canada. (She tends to do such things on a regular basis…)

Fortunately, Windsor, Ontario remained safely on the other side of the river. We had a nice view of Caesars in Windsor.

image (59)

RenCen at night. It was snowing pretty hard when we left.

image (60)

And our drive home pretty much looked like this.


[image source]

Awesomely, when I arrived home, I had this amazing plate of food waiting for me, prepared by the huz.

Red heart

Can you say ravenous hunger? I think I threatened to attack that chicken breast “zombie style.” And I basically did.

image (47)

I love the mitten!


[image source]


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