NatureBox Healthy Snacks

This month I was lucky enough to try out a box of goodies, courtesy of Nature Box.P1100752

NatureBox is a company that ships a monthly box of healthy, nutritious snacks to its members. Each box has five different snacky treats with about 3-4 servings per package.


An informational card in the box told me about the guilt-free goodies within. In this box:

    • Wild Berry Bunch
    • Cranberry Almond Bites
    • Lone Star Snack Mix
    • Chocolate Ginger Bliss
    • Orange Crush Granola


The first snack I tried were the Cranberry Almond Bites. Super addicting! They remind me of really flavorful rice cakes taken to the next level, with just a hint of sweetness. Being the calorie-mindful person I am, I checked out the nutrition facts to find that a serving of eight squares serves up a mere 130 calories. Plus they are nutritionist approved, vegan, gluten free, GMO-free, and free of any artificial ingredients. I’ve been snatching up a couple of these squares every time I step in the kitchen this week.


Next I tried the Orange Crush Granola.P1100763

I enjoyed a couple tablespoons of this clustery orange granola over my yogurt all week. I am a huge granola fan, but since it is a rather calorie-dense food, I find myself searching for the brands that pack the most flavor, so that I can use less per serving.

In this case, the orange flavor (which tasted very natural, like fresh orange zest, by the way) packed a really tasty, unique-for-granola flavor that I just loved over toasted coconut Greek yogurt. This was my favorite snack in the box!


Another favorite of mine was the Chocolate Ginger Bliss.


The huz was also a fan of this dark chocolate chip-laced treat. Also in the mix were cashews, tamari almonds, dried ginger, and dried fruits. This snack is a good source of protein, fiber, and Vitamin C.


The savory treat in my box was the Lone Star Snack Mix -  very tasty!


This is pretty impressive:


In conclusion, I’ve tried 4 of the 5 snacks in my NatureBox and I have to say that my expectations were exceeded. All of the snacks in my box were delicious and unique – can’t find them in my local store! For the price of $19.95 for a monthly box (and less per box if you purchase a longer subscription), NatureBox provides a really convenient way to ensure you always have a healthy snack option in your house all month long, so you can pass up those greasy nutrition-less chips!

I was honestly a bit skeptical about the price before I received my box, but after trying the box and seeing how many servings I’m receiving in the package (less than $4 per bag of healthy snacks – hard to beat at your local store!), I really do think this is a great option for stocking one’s pantry in a healthy way.

If you have any interest in trying out a package of NatureBox snacks yourself, the nice people over at the company offered up this promo code for 25% off your first month’s subscription. (Also you can cancel at anytime).

To redeem 25% off your first package, visit the NatureBox website and use the promo code PISTACHIO when checking out.

Happy snacking!

What is your favorite healthy snack!?

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