Cake Nouveau Valentine’s Dessert Tasting 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013 was much like Valentine’s Day 2012! And that’s a good thing.

My valentine and I first went to Jolly Pumpkin for a couple beers and some salty truffle fries. A fellow Instagramer commented that these fries are like “kryptonite” and I completely agree.


My funny valentine. ❤


I sported pink for the occasion.


Our next stop was Cake Nouveau for their second annual six-course Valentine’s Day Dessert Tasting. We also had the pleasure of partaking in the tasting last year as well.

Now we see why we shared one (and only one!) basket of SALTY fries before the dessert tasting! I also ate very lightly the rest of the day, in preparation for the tasting.

When we arrived, we picked our own cute little table for two, prettily decorated with shiny, colorful linens and romantically lit by candles. We nibbled on a few meringues (rose was so good!), and sipped on a little champagne, while reading over the menu for the evening.


At last year’s tasting, each course was brought out individually. This year, the format was a little different. Instead, baker Courtney and her husband brought out all of the desserts at once, which allowed us to eat at our own pace, and to decide which courses we wanted to reserve stomach space for. (Sorry, that sentence ended in a preposition).

Here is our beautiful platter holding five of our six courses, with the first and lightest course located in the bottom right hand corner. (You’ll see the sixth course a few photos down.)


For the first course we had two different flavors of homemade marshmallows. Nice and light to start.


Moving right to left across our platter, course number two was a passion fruit roulade, consisting of passion fruit mousse rolled in a vanilla bean cake, topped with fresh cream. This was one of my favorites!


The third course was surprisingly my very favorite course, without question! Homemade PopTarts! SO adorable. SO pretty. And SO delicious. Here we have the chocolate cherry ‘Tarts:


..And my favorite of the two, here are the ‘PopTarts’ made with vanilla dough, filled with lime curd, and topped with toasted coconut. I am a huge fan of both lime and coconut, especially together! I loved the uniqueness of this dessert, and the fact that it was not overly sweet – my kind of dessert! Oh, and for the record, these were WAY better than the boxed kind!


Fourth, we ventured into chocolate territory, with Cake Nouveau’s version of the DingDong, decorated with gold “disco dust.” (I even purchased a jar of disco dust at the bakery, so you may see some sparkly desserts coming out of the MegGoesNomNom kitchen in the not too distant future!).P1100953

These lovely slices of Godiva Tart were up next. Rich and tasty.


And for the sixth course, we enjoyed a refreshing mint mousse in a mini martini glass. The huz and I are both huge chocolate mint fans, so we rather enjoyed this course.


Aaaand, there was even a bonus SEVENTH course, which was a platter of cupcakes brought out toward the end, along with take-out boxes for anyone wishing to tote home any leftover desserts. The huz and I are nomming professionals, however, and actually both ate a chili-spiced Chocolate Aztec cupcake right then and there. What can I say!? Go big or go home.P1100962

Valentine’s Cheers!


The lovely (and very sweet!) Chef Courtney Clark humored us and posed for a picture with us, before we went into our sugar comas for the night!

Is it just me, or do she and I look a tiny bit related here?! Hmm.. just sayin’! Just me?

Chef Courtney is super talented and has been featured on several national television shows on channels such as TLC and the Food Network. Click here to see a gallery of her cakes on the shop’s website.P1100964_520

This was a very fun and sugar-filled evening!

Red heart

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