The Second Bombing

Hey friends! How’s your Saturday goin’? Mine’s pretty swell so far. Sipping some tea while I sift through DOZENS of photos from the last few days. I have a few big posts up my sleeves, so hope you’ll stay tuned.

In the meantime, I thought I’d pop in the share the breakfast I enjoyed at The Bomber in Ypsilanti last weekend.


Prior to our most recent visit, I’d only been to The Bomber once, last July, and we loved it. A Living Social deal brought us in for the first time last summer, and we’ve been thinking about the food ever since. I don’t know why it took us so long to go back.

image (14)

Good coffee is a diner MUST and I’m happy to report that The Bomber delivered.

image (17)

Huz decided to go big this time and order The Bomber’s namesake dish, which has been featured on the Food Network, their website reports:

The Bomber Breakfast

      • 4 eggs
      • 1 pound of breakfast potatoes
      • 1 pound breakfast meat (bacon, sausage, ham)
      • 4 giant pieces of toast (unpictured)

Crazy. He barely made a dent in the ‘tatoes but polished off the eggers and the meat quite easily (with a little bacon-nibbling help from me!).

image (15) 

Last time I ordered the Bomber Omelette – probably the best omelette I’ve ever had in my life. For real. And I adore omelettes.

This time I was in the mood for something a little more lunch-y, and ordered the Bomber Melt, made with 6 oz. ground beef, Swiss cheese, sautéed onions, served on rye. I would have preferred more cheese on the melt, but the sautéed onions on this melt were incredible. Good stuff! And I brought half home for lunch the next day!

image (16)

The portions are so huge and the prices are super affordable and the good is so dang good. That’s a pretty awesome combination if you ask me. I must go back and get another Bomber Omelette as soon as possible.

Oh, Ypsi, your food is so amazing. (I think I need to add a new “Ypsilanti Restaurants” category to my blog – I’ve been piling them all in my “Ann Arbor Eateries” category!).


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