Hey readers! Did you make it through the night!?

We received what I would estimate to be over six inches of thick, wet, heavy snow in these parts.


Our arborvitaes are all bent over in the back yard! We went out and knocked all the snow off them; hopefully they spring back!

Then, we made a snow man. We named him Mervin. He’s a little rough around the edges.

image (24)

I’m so grateful to still have power. AnnArbor.com reports that 26,000 unlucky Michiganders across Washtenaw County are without power. We did lose power overnight, as evidence by our flashing alarm clocks this morning, but we were fortunate enough to have it restored quickly.


We (and by we, I mean the huz) still have plenty of plowing to do, before we can get out of our driveway, though! The city plows piled up a couple feet of dense snow at the base of our driveway. Plus we live on a corner, which means double the sidewalks in need of shoveling.


Our side yard:P1110083_520

We lost a few big branches off several our trees, but no major damage.


Stay warm out there!

5 thoughts on “MichiganGoesSnowSnow

  1. Wow my friend from ann arbor arrives tomorrow! snow is beautiful! It will be 75 in SD. Wish you were here! Did your gifts arrive?

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