Domino’s Petting Farm & Korey’s Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Part II of the huz’s birthday celebration was this past Saturday. His requests were the Domino’s Farms Petting Farm and Fried Chicken. Both are annual birthday traditions of his.

image (7)

We bundled up in heavy winter coats, mittens, boots, and hats for our petting farm excursion. I also brought along some hand warmers, anticipating the cold!

image (3)

Inside the barn were lots of sweet farm animals. Happy sheep.image

Mischievous goats. I bent down to get a closer look at one of the little guys, and asked, “Are you a sweetie?” and he responded with a grunt and “PFFFT!” which was hilarious.

image (4)

And THIS guy! All the goats have such unique, crazy personalities.

image (1)

Watusi! What a fun name:

image (6)

And, most precious of all, was this days-old baby goat. What a sweetheart. He followed his momma around the pasture with an awkward, wobbly gait.image (2)

This giant fluffy bunny had no fear of us. Bravest bunny ever. Or as my parents would call them, “Those d*** rabbits!,” after terrorizing their vegetable garden. Aww, they are just sweet little guys.

image (5)

After the petting farm, we took an across-town excursion to Ypsilanti to get some Korey’s Krispy Krunchy Chicken, which has been taunting the huz for months. This was our first opportunity to try it out.

Fun fact: we went out for fried chicken on our first date. The huz lives for it.

image (8)

Honey biscuits: no sticky honey packets required! Good call.

image (9)

We ordered the eight-piece meal. I know. The chicken was delicious.

image (10)

My side choice was red beans and rice, and I let the huz pick the other side. He chose the jambalaya. Lots of rice! The red beans and rice were fabulous. The jambalaya was good, but not nearly as good as the red beans and rice.

image (11)

Saturday I did not count calories!

image (12)

We thought Korey’s was great, but Popeye’s still claims the top spot in the huz’s heart for best fried chicken.

Korey's Krispy Krunchy Chicken on Urbanspoon

For dessert we had birthday cupcakes, courtesy of Five Cent Femme. Thanks pal!

image (13)

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