Greektown Casino-Hotel & Muse Concert in Detroit

Hey guys! I just had the most fabulous weekend. One of the best I’ve had in a while! This year for my birthday, I requested an “experience” rather than a “thing” as my gift.

Experiences > Material Things.

Did you know that studies have shown that people feel happier after spending money on experiences than after spending money on things? [source]. It’s true, and I totally believe it.

My desired experience was to turn our upcoming concert attendance into a mini weekend getaway, and that is what we did this weekend!

We stayed at the Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit.


[image source]

On our way to The D, we made a late-lunch/early-dinner pit stop at Slows Bar BQ! This was my first visit here, and I have an full upcoming post dedicated to our wonderful dining experience! Here’s a sneak peek:


After an early dinner at Slows, we had a short drive over to Greektown. We took advantage of the free valet parking included in our hotel reservation, though this involved navigating lots of crazy traffic congestion. Once we were parked, though, we were set for the night, which was awesome.

Next, we checked into the hotel, and rode the elevator to the 17th floor, where we were greeted by this lovely Deluxe King corner room. Two full walls of floor-to-ceiling windows!


The huz, checking out the awesome views of downtown Detroit:


I love staying in hotels. Smile


The vanity was separated from the toilet and shower; however, if one desired, it would be possible to leave the door open, and even enjoy the views while showering. (I wasn’t that daring.)


The one downside to the room was that we had no mini fridge for our leftover Slows, so we unfortunately had to sacrifice some of that food. Sad face. (In hindsight, I should have just asked about refrigeration options when we checked in, but oh well!).

Toiletries, just cuz.


Glamorous view from our room, of the GM Renaissance Center, the river, Greektown, and Downtown Detroit.image (2)

You can’t beat a room with a view.

(My favorite hotel view of all time was our stay in the Flamingo penthouse during my last trip to Las Vegas, overlooking the Vegas Strip.)

image (3)

Slightly less glamorous view of Detroit, yet still pretty cool:


After settling into our room, we headed downstairs to the Greektown Casino to redeem the casino credit vouchers that came with our hotel room. The line was crazy long, but it ended up being SO WORTH IT! We each received $10 of casino slots credit, and I also won $5 additional of credit. I came out empty-handed; however, the huz won $85!! Big win! And we didn’t even spend a dime of our own money in the casino.

We collected our winnings, and then took the Detroit People Mover over to Joe Louis Arena for the concert. I’m so glad we went this route! It was so nice to not have to find parking before the concert. Instead, using the Detroit People Mover, which is directly connected to Greektown Casino, we were barely even required to step outside to get to Joe Louis Arena from our hotel.


We found our seats in the 11th row, perpendicular to the stage. I realize I haven’t yet mentioned the performer we went to see. The main event of the night was one of our very favorite bands – MUSE!

This is a band that the huz got me absolutely hooked on shortly after we first started dating, and, over the years, now I think I may have morphed into the bigger fan of the two of us, though we both love Muse!

image (4)

Our seating meant that we were very close to the stage, but had a side view. I loved being up close to the action. The opening act was Dead Sara – they were okay, but didn’t impress me much, to be honest.

But Muse!? Well, Muse was incredible.


Matthew Bellamy is such an insanely talented (heart throb!) musician. My heart went aflutter every time he approached our side of the stage.


And really, likewise for all three of the band members. So much talent in this amazing band.


Such an awesome, entertaining show.

My personal highlight of the night was hearing what is probably my favorite Muse song, Sunburn. My eyes welled with tears for the entire song. Basically a religious experience. Be still, my heart.P1110120

Muse has such an amazing repertoire and the huz and I both agreed that we absolutely loved the selection of songs that were included in the performance. Such an amazing concert and I’m so glad that I was able to attend.P1110121

After the show, there was a long, but fast-moving line for the People Mover, which took us directly back to Greektown Casino, and eventually, our hotel room for the night.


Love that night view of Detroit.


Me trying to be saucy, taking a picture of my silhouette. Ha.P1110127

Failed attempt at sexiness. So, so awkward. Sorry to subject you to that.P1110129

I can’t reiterate enough how awesome it was to be able to return to a cozy hotel room at the end of the night, instead of having to fight parking lot and freeway congestion after the concert!

After resting peacefully in our swank hotel room, in the morning we ate at the hotel brunch buffet in Bistro 555. Omelets made to order!


Omelets, bacon, and biscuits and gravy are my favorite brunch foods – clearly the buffet delivered!P1110133

Then we headed back to Ann Arbor! I’m so thankful that I get the opportunity to have fun weekend getaways like this once in a while.


4 thoughts on “Greektown Casino-Hotel & Muse Concert in Detroit

  1. This is so great! Happy Birthday!

    I totally agree with experiences far outweighing any sort of material things. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. Beautiful hotel, too!

  2. Loved Muse at the summer Olympics. The Tarocco toiletries provided by hotel I think are really nice. I first used them when I stayed at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing. They smell of fresh orange – lovely.

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