Meal Planning for the Week of March 9-15

Last Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for March 2-8:

03022013_slows bbq


  • Monday: Mango Wild Sockeye Salmon, Quinoa Blend, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Creamed Spinach <-sorry no pics!


image (43)

  • Thursday: Whole Foods Salad Bar
  • Friday: Spicy Basil Chicken, Brown White Rice, with Veggies <-post coming soon!


Upcoming Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for March 9-15:

Grocery Haul:

    • Produce:
        • Bananas
        • Scallions
        • Garlic
        • Avocado
        • Romaine
        • Granny Smiths
        • Lime
        • Green Grapes
    • Dairy/Eggs:
        • Stonyfield Yogurts
        • Sour Cream
        • Milk
        • Part-Skim Ricotta
        • Butter
    • Meat:
        • Ground Sirloin
        • Hot Italian Turkey Sausage
        • Rotisserie Chicken
        • Salmon
    • Pantry:
        • Evaporated Milk
        • Jumbo Pasta Shells
        • Marinara Sauce
        • Salsa Verde
        • Spicy Hummus
        • Instant Polenta
        • Ritz Crackers
        • Flatbread Crisps Crackers
    • Frozen:
        • Broccoli Spears
        • Spinach
        • Cheese-stuffed Pretzel Bites
    • Beverages
        • Diet Soda for the huz
    • Dessert:
        • Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Bars <- These are SO GOOD!
        • Oreos

I’m looking at my grocery receipt and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the 1.08 lbs of “beans” that I purchased for $1.83 are!? Hmm..

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