Pi Day

In honor of Pi Day (March 14 = 3/14 = 3.14 = π), I thought I would put together a Pie Recipe Round-up for my lovely nommers and nommettes.

In high school, pi day was kind of a big deal, at least for those of us in Ms. S’s math class (which I was for three years in a row, so um, yeah). Those who brought in pie on pi day received extra credit. That meant we ate A LOT of pie. We had like 20 pies for one class.

My senior year, in AP Calculus, we had a pi-related assignment due on pie day, and my classmate and I actually wrote, and performed, a rap about pi to the the tune of ‘Baby Got Back.’ Rather than, “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” we RAPPED, “I like pi and I cannot lie, you other numbers can’t deny…,” complete with all sorts of nerdy math references. Like pi, we were not rational. (ahahhahahaha #mathpuns)

This year, we’re celebrating around here with a few pi-related goodies the huz received at work. Check out the Sir Cumference story books! #nerdalert


And moving on, as promised, here are a few pie-related recipes!




Guest post from the huz!









p1070419 (1)

You know I couldn’t leave you hanging with ALL savory recipes and ZERO sweet pie recipes, so for dessert, I offer up the closest recipe I have to actual pie: this Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch. I made this a few times last summer – it is fantastic!! Keep this recipe on hand, now that strawberries will be coming into season soon this spring.


One thought on “Pi Day

  1. Loved the blog today. Mrs. S. would be proud to know you been putting those math skills to good use in the kitchen. 😉

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