Haab’s Restaurant

Haab’s Restaurant is an Ypsilanti establishment, having been around since 1934 (with roots traced all the way back to the 1870’s, per their website!), and I had the pleasure of dining there for the first time this past Friday evening.

image (1)

A Groupon deal brought me in, but I’ll be back with or without a coupon. Especially to check out happy hour!

In the bar area, Haab’s has some pretty killer happy hour specials, including $2-3 drinks and appetizers. Since we were there for dinner, we did not sit in the bar area, so I paid a couple bucks extra for my beer at regular price. In terms of beer, Haab’s offers about a dozen different bottled beers, and about five beers on draft, and I ordered one of the latter, which was the Saugatuck Singapore IPA, which I liked very much.

After ordering, we received a loaf of warm poppy seed bread with butter.

image (4)

Our Groupon deal included one appetizer and any two entrees. The huz was rooting for the chicken wings as the app, but we compromised and tried out the fried mushrooms. HOLY HUGENESS. These beer-battered and deep fried mushrooms were the size of my balled-up fist! I liked the thick crispy batter, and meaty mushrooms inside. I think I would have actually preferred slightly smaller mushrooms, because the mushrooms were still a tad firm in the middle and I prefer a cooked mushroom to be a bit more tender. Still, the size of these mushrooms made for a rather novel experience and they were tasty. A horseradish-y marinara (cocktail sauce) was served with the ‘shrooms.


Each of our entrees was accompanied by two sides of our choice. I started with salad (crisp and fresh)…

image (3)

..and he started with Seafood Chowder. (Didn’t get a chance to try this).

image (5)

To fully take advantage our our deal, we tried some of the pricier items on the menu (~$20 regularly), but Haab’s also offers many other entrees in the $11-14 range, and also sandwiches and burgers in the $8 area.

For my entrée, I ordered the center-cut filet mignon, with shoestring fries. My bacon-wrapped filet was topped with yet another big ol’ ‘shroom!

image (6)

This was a tasty cut of meat. Most of the steak was cooked to my desired degree of doneness (medium), but there was one side section that was less-evenly cooked, and a tad overcooked. The steak could have benefitted from a heavier hand of salt and pepper. Still quite good though! The fries tasted of freshly-cut potatoes (yum!), which I loved, and were cut very thinly. They were tasty, but just a touch on the greasy side, at least at the bottom of the basket.

Here comes the beef!:

image (2)

Naturally, the huz went for an even larger cut of beef, by ordering the 14 ounce New York Cut Strip Steak. I had a bite and it was AWESOME! The seasoning was perfect on this steak. I need lots of salt on my steak, what can I say… He enjoyed crispy beer-battered onion rings on the side.

image (7)

We had zero room for dessert after this yummy meal, which is a rarity. The vibe at Haab’s was very home-y and warm (think of your grandma’s house..), a great gathering place for families. All the food that we ordered tasted homemade, hot, and fresh, which was great. I would say some of the food was a little overly greasy, and could have used a bit more seasoning, but no fatal errors here.

Our service was also excellent. The hostess was very friendly and welcoming, had our reservation, and touched based our Groupon deal before seating us. Our server was very attentive (but not overbearing), and did an excellent job waiting our table, promptly refilling drinks, quickly clearing away dishes, properly pacing the meal, and delivered boxes for leftovers when needed.

We had an enjoyable meal in Ypsi – as always! Smile

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5 thoughts on “Haab’s Restaurant

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  3. I love this place! I go twice a week for happy hour on the way home. I always order the prime rib on Mondays isb $6 dls off and includes sometimes white,chicken or salmon all for $15.99 insted of the $21.99.

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