Meal Planning for the Week of March 16-22

Last Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for March 9-15:

  • Saturday:  Out to dinner  for Dad’s birthday – Chinese food in Flint!

image (12)




p1060770 (1)

  • Thursday: Salmon, Brown Rice, Creamed Spinach


03152013_haabs and last word

Upcoming Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for March 16-22:
    • Saturday:  Out to dinner
    • Sunday: St. Paddy’s Day – wing it
    • Monday: Corn Chip Pie
    • Tuesday: Breadstick Pizza
    • Wednesday: Dinner date with friend
    • Thursday: Wing it
    • Friday: Work Happy Hour

I have lots going on this week, so I didn’t plan many dinners. Somehow I still ended buying a ton of groceries. I stocked up on lunch supplies this week, beauty supplies, and also picked up some food for the huz on the nights that I am busy.

Grocery Haul:

    • Produce:
        • Bananas
        • Sweet Potatoes
        • Green Pepper
        • Granny Smith Apples
        • Mushrooms
        • Mixed Veggie Bowl
        • Clementines
        • Romaine
    • Dairy/Eggs:
        • Yogurts – tons of individual cups!
        • French Onion Dip
        • Mozzarella
        • Sharp Cheddar (reduced-fat)
    • Meat:
        • Pork Steak (for huz – I do not eat this!)
        • Salmon
    • Pantry:
        • Rice-a-roni
    • Frozen:
        • Veggie Mix
        • Lean Cuisines
        • Amy’s Bowls
    • Other:
        • Refrigerated Breadstick Dough

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