The Last Word

I finally visited The Last Word last month, during the Ann Arbor Art Center’s Annual Artini Martini Crawl 2013. The Last Word’s martini of the evening, “The Understudy,” consisted of Pearl vodka infused with pineapple, gin, cucumber, jalapeño, and ginger beer, and it ended up being the winning cocktail of the event! (Also my favorite.) If you missed Artini, The Last Word has another very similar gin-based cocktail that is a mainstay on their menu that you can try!

3 last word

I’ve been eager to return to The Last Word since Artini, and, happily, I made it in this past weekend for a round of drinks. We sat at the bar and it wasn’t too busy at all when we popped in around 8:00 PM.

image (9)

I’ve kind of been on a bourbon and (rye!) whiskey kick lately (I’m going to a tasting event later this week!), and ordered the Manhattan #2, featuring Bulleit Rye Whiskey. Fab! Nice stiff drink.

image (8)

The huz’s cocktail was even better! Made with rhum, rhumchata, bitters, egg white, lime zest garnish (and probably more ingredients I don’t recall), this creamy drink was stellar.

image (10)

The music was weird as usual, but that keeps things interesting. I still think the tunes just don’t match the vibe, but I can live with it.

The Last Word is pretty chill, methinks. Though I can only afford about one round of drinks when I go here, The Last Word is craft cocktail-producing gem in Ann Arbor.

image (11)

Just thought I’d pop in with this quick anecdote!

What’s your favorite craft cocktail? (At The Last Word, or any bar..)

5 thoughts on “The Last Word

  1. The John Daly at Grange – earl grey tea infused Buffalo Trace Bourbon, simple syrup, and sour ( I think) There are about half a dozen at Last Word I want to try but I always end up w one of their Belgian beers. Btw, their bar menu rocks!

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