Lindsey Stirling at The Crofoot Ballroom

You guys, Lindsey Stirling is taking over the world! Um, her Youtube station alone has over one quarter of a billion views! That’s KIND OF A BIG DEAL. If you haven’t heard of her, Lindsey Sterling is an incredible dubstep violinist and I highly recommend that you purchase her album immediately. I promise that you will not be disappointed.


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I stumbled across Ms. Stirling’s music online, oh I don’t know, a while ago and quickly became utterly smitten with this phenomenally talented young musician. Being a violinist myself, I felt an instant connection with Lindsey, and had an even greater appreciation for her immense talent. She kind of does it all. She performs. She composes. She dances. She is an artist. She is a beam of light. It’s so refreshing to see such young, genuine, true-to-herself talent.

But anyways. First we had to get to the show. We had such a fun time making a mini getaway out of the Muse show in Detroit two weeks ago, that we decided to stay the night for the concert again, this time in the Pontiac area. Our digs weren’t quite as snazzy this time, though, as we just stayed at a rather spartan hotel, Auburn Hills Hotel & Suites, at least relative to our stay at Greektown Casino!


Comfy king bed. Except the weird square pillows that I threw off the bed.

image (1)

Basic sitting area. The furniture had some wear.

image (2)

Comfortable enough for the night.

image (4)image (5)

I love documenting hotels. Maybe I should start a hotel blog. Sorry this post is rather non-food related!

Bathroom – nothing fancy, but clean.

image (6)

We checked in and got ready to go! The hotel was only about three miles from the concert venue so that made the day really easy on us.

I rocked my yellow pants for the occasion.

image (8)

The huz, waiting patiently for me to get my shiz together.

image (7)

Unfortunately dinner was not worth mentioning because it was rather subpar. We had Italian food at a local restaurant (which elicited a 1 star Yelp from me) before the show. Do not go to Alfoccino in Pontiac! But, we made the best of it and just laughed at how terrible every aspect of the meal was. Also wine made it better. When in doubt, keep drinking your wine.

After dinner, we headed over to The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac for the Lindsey Stirling show.

image (11)

The doors opened at 7:00 PM, and we pulled into the parking lot across the street at 7:04 PM. There was already a line around the block with hundreds of people waiting to get in. Dangggg.

We got in, and headed upstairs. We literally couldn’t find any place to stand (it’s mostly a bi-level standing-room-only venue) where we could see the stage. The opening act began at 8:00 PM, and around 9:00 PM, Lindsey came out on stage! Unfortunately this was my view. Yeah, backs of human heads and the ceiling.

image (10)

I mean the light show was awesome, it was great to feel the energy of the live crowd, and to hear Lindsey performing in person, but I couldn’t see. At all. Not even a glimpse.

Finally, after about half a dozen songs were performed, we decided to venture to the super-crowded downstairs lower level to try to catch a glimpse. Luckily, we found a spot on the stairs and had an awesome view of Lindsey for about four songs.

She looked absolutely stunning in the flowing, white, romantic dress she was wearing! I wish I could find a clearer picture than the one I took below. Her flawless, energetic performance left me in awe. The crowd was swooning for her. Especially me.

zOMG THERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!!! Yo this girl can seriously play violin and it blows my mind socket.

image (9)

As I predicted, after about four songs we were kicked off the stairs, but still managed to score a spot by one of the bars from where we could see the stage for the remainder of the show. (Crofoot isn’t my favorite venue. There was just too many people.)

For the encore I was thrilled when Lindsey played my favorite song of hers, Crystallize.

Really awesome show. Can’t say enough positive things about this chick.

What’s your favorite concert venue?

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