Scenes from St. Paddy’s Day 2013

I’m past the days of getting up at the crack of dawn to start out St. Paddy’s Day. Well, actually I was never really down to do that, usually favoring my warm bed for a few more hours while my college housemates stumbled out of the house in the wee hours of the morning. There are plenty of hours in the day for partying. Despite getting a later start on the festivities this year, I still had a rather fun holiday.

My Irish self and Five Cent Femme joined forces for the occasion and headed first to Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti. This was my second time here, and Five Cent Femme’s first visit (read my initial review here.)


It was pretty bumpin’ on this St. Paddy’s Day Sunday evening at The Wurst Bar, and we snagged a high-top table for two.


Oddly enough, one of our former mutual co-workers (who I haven’t seen in, oh, eight years) was randomly there with her husband! Five Cent Femme and I both saw her but she didn’t see us, so then Femme decided to be super creepy and post a Facebook status saying, “Spotted [tagged former co-worker] at the Wurst Bar!”

We hoped she would have a smart phone, get a notification and see the status, and then look around and spot us, but it never happened! Right as the former co-worker was on her way out, we finally came out of creeper mode and said hi. Lurker mission failed! Still funny though…

Also ran into ANOTHER of my former co-workers shortly after this incident. Wurst Bar isn’t that big but apparently it was THE place the be Sunday night.

Our first drink of the day was in the form of an Irish Car Bomb. This was actually my first Irish Car Bomb in life. I likey.

image (1)

My food was nothing short of amazeballs. I ordered the bison and lamb wurst on a salted pretzel roll, topped with kimchi and hot peppers, with a side of tots. I also drizzled some spicy mustard on this sausage. Hot damn this was amazing.

image (2)

Five Cent Femme isn’t the most adventurous foodie, so she asked our server for the “tamest” wurst on the menu, and ended up with the Garlic wurst.

Check out the size of that sausage.

image (3)

In my first review of The Wurst Bar I commented on how amazing the food was, but gave the service a bit of a lower score. Fortunately on our second visit we had great service, so I’m glad to see Wurst Bar ironed things out. Love that place.

Next we headed over to Ann Arbor. Dominick’s was our destination.

image (6)

Yes they JUST opened last week, AND we made it JUST in time to split a pint of green sangria (which is only offered ONE DAY PER YEAR).

image (5)

Twenty minutes we were kicked out by the annoying horn that is buzzed at closing time.

So we headed over the Bar Louie after hearing that Laith Al-Saadi would be performing.

We had another Irish Car Bomb but it was a total RIP-OFF! So typical for Bar Louie. I don’t know why I go there, sometimes. An Irish Car Bomb is supposed to include 3/4 of a pint of Guinness, but we only got about three measly, sad ounces in this bomb. Plus this cost more than the correctly-sized bomb we had a The Wurst Bar. Pretty lame, Bar Louie, pretty lame.

image (7)

Laith’s set ended and Bar Louie was emptying out (and there were these weird guys at the table behind us that were humping everything in sight), so we decided to change our scene and go where we thought there would be more action on this Irish holiday – Conor O’Neill’s. There were quite a few people out, but it wasn’t as crazy as I expected. Though, it was a Sunday night.

image (9)

Weirdly enough I ran into yet ANOTHER person from my current job, at Conor’s. We hung around for a while and people watched. I nursed a pint of Guinness and successfully avoided green beer all evening, I am happy to report!

image (8)

Final stop of the evening: Shamrock Shake. Man, these have really gone downhill. Not nearly as good as I remember. Plus, when did they starting adding whip!? Ugh!

image (10)

And that’s how I got down with my bad Irish self this year.



5 thoughts on “Scenes from St. Paddy’s Day 2013

  1. I love the Wurst Bar. That Korean chef of theirs puts out really good sausage. I went during the week they opened and had a longer chat with the chef, who was super friendly and is a self-taught sausage maker. (I am German, I care a LOT about good sausage)

    I also had my first Irish car bomb this weekend. Kinda weird, but definitely not bad…:)

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