Mash Whiskey Tasting & La Dolce Vita Dessert

You guys, this past week has been such fun! Last Friday and Saturday nights were both date nights with the huz, and we went to a Lindsey Stirling show at the Crofoot Ballroom.

On Sunday, Five Cent Femme and I donned our green and engaged in plenty of St. Paddy’s Day revelry.

Then, this Wednesday I had a lovely dinner date with THIS girl – BFF. (This pic is from her bachelorette party last summer!)


We met up at one of our fave meeting spots: Highland House in, you guessed it, Highland, Michigan, which is roughly halfway between where we each live, and also has fannnntastic food and a warm, cozy vibe. (She also had her rehearsal dinner here last summer.)

Their pizza is the bomb. My half had pepperoni, green olives, and pineapple. Love that combination. I also had a huge breadstick and cheese sauce binge!

Great food, great company.

image (1)

On Thursday night, Five Star SexiMexy and I attended a Whiskey Tasting at mash.


As part of the tasting, we each got to pick a cocktail of our choice from the menu. Between all my past trips to both Blue Tractor, upstairs, and to mash, downstairs, I realized that I have tried most of the cocktail menu! So I decided to try one I hadn’t tried before, which was also recommended by house whiskey expert and leader of our tasting for the evening, called the Sour Stiletto, which is made with house-infused lemon bourbon and amaretto. Just loved this. This will be my new go-to at mash.

image (2)

Five Star ordered the same!


Then we filled our plates at the included appetizer buffet. We nibbled on Smoked Cheddar Croquettes, Bourbon Cippolini Tart, Smoked Pork Pastor, Peach BBQ Wings, and Smoked Salmon spread with chips. My favorite was the Smoked Pork Pastor.


Soon it was time to start the whiskey tasting.


Our five tastes for the evening were:

      • Buggy Whip Wheat – Made in Three Oaks, Michigan. Super smooth, due to the high wheat content in the mash. Burns like a jalapeño, in a good way. I could drink this served neat and enjoy it.
      • Breakout 8-Year, Rye Whiskey – Made with, well, lots of rye; from Canada. My favorite.
      • Jack Daniels Single Barrel, Tennessee Whiskey – Made with a sour mash in a manner somewhat like that of sourdough bread, in that a sourdough starter is required. In this case, sour mash uses material from a previous batch to start the fermentation process. Wood flavor.
      • Elmer T. Lee, Kentucky Bourbon – “Great, classic distiller.” Silky. Distiller is very selective about the water used in the product, Notes of pepper and maple syrup.
      • Rebel Reserve, Kentucky Bourbon – Harsh burn. According to the (highly amateur-ish!) notes taken on my iPhone (after five shots of whiskey), “drank that shit in one fell swoop,” per the instruction of our tasting leader. Ouch. No fancy tasting techniques necessary here.

image (3)

The five samples were served one at a time, which I definitely liked.


Used cups were cleared away to make new for new tastes throughout the evening. Toward the end we started to linger on our tastings a bit, and fell a tad behind!


This was a very fun event!

Afterward, Five Star and I craved something sweet so we went to La Dolce Vita in Chop House for dessert. We selected dessert drinks and sweets from the iPad menus. Fancy.

image (6)

We shared glasses of Lustau Solera Reserva Rare Cream Sherry and of Fonseca Bin No. 27 Ruby Port (if my memory serves me correctly.) The Ruby Port blew my mind.


Then we shared the most amazing trio of desserts, including a caramel bar (our mutual fave), a chocolate and peanut butter bombe (yes, with an ‘e’) topped with candied bacon, and then s’mores for adults. OH MY NOM – so good. All.

image (5)

We are some high-class women.


I’ll be back again this weekend to tell you about my visits to Vellum and Mani Osteria on Friday night!

5 thoughts on “Mash Whiskey Tasting & La Dolce Vita Dessert

  1. The whiskey tasting sounds fun! Also, I was just at Real Seafood and they have iPad menus now too…is this like the new thing for Main Street restaurants?

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