Easter Musings

I find myself dreaming of vacation lately. Where should we go for our “big” vacay this summer? Current contenders are Central Europe (i.e., Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, and/or Austria), Costa Rica, all-inclusive resort in Caribbean, Quebec, Western US National Parks trip… Yeah. Seeking a budget-minded trip with lots of culture and adventures. And food.

In other news, I watched all 20 episodes of HBO’s series Girls over the course of 36 hours [edited to add: ‘72 hours’ because I lost the ability to perform basic arithmetic] 72 hours this past weekend. So that happened.

‘Cause it’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive.


In other happenings this weekend, on Saturday, a sushi lunch outing occurred. Nagomi Sushi is one of my favorite lunch spots near my office, and I’ve been wanting to take the huz there for some time for a bento box. Saturday’s bento included a California Roll, fried prawns and veggies, potato salad, crab salad, and some sort of unknown fried cylindrical food. Yumtastic. I love Nagomi!

image (16)

Nagomi was also chosen in part due to it’s relative proximity to Gallup Park.

We simply had to stop in for a stroll around the park and to enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures. We found Mama Goose!

image (17)

Lots of buds, but no greenery yet.image (15)

Also to celebrate spring, I steamed by first batch of asparagus this season, for Saturday dinner. Yum! A nice side dish to one of favorite dinners: Cheesy Meat Loaf Minis.


Sunday was Easter! The huz and I had my parents and my sister over for late brunch.


I bought home a loaf of Honey Bunny Honey Wheat from Great Harvest. How adorbs!?P1110337_520

To accompany our Honey Bunny, I whipped up a batch of Sweet Orange Butter, using a recipe from RealMomKitchen’s blog.


It turned out great! It’s really sweet on it’s own, but not overpowering when spread on bread or rolls. This huz said that this butter was his favorite part of our meal! P1110338

For the main event, I prepared a double batch of one of my favorite stand-by recipes: Mini Ham & Cheese Frittatas.P1110339

My favorite salad: green leaf lettuce, pears, blue cheese, red onion, avocado, walnuts, and a homemade vinaigrette.


My dad makes THE best deviled eggs.


I had this, plus a second plate of salad, and lots of bread and buttah.


For dessert, I prepared one of my co-worker’s famous, fab recipes, for Tres Leches Cake. Tres Leches Cake, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Spanish is “three milks” cake, named after the, well, three milks used in the recipe.


Those three milks are skim milk, fat-free evaporated milk, and fat-free sweetened condensed milk. (This is a “healthified” version, apparently, but it by no means tastes like it!).


Those three milks are poured over baked yellow cake, after poking it with holes all over.


It looks kind of crazy, in that the volume of liquid poured over the cake is pretty large, but it works!P1110330

Two minutes after pouring all that milk over the cake, it looked like this. Next I covered it, and popped it in the fridge until the next morning.


Sunday morning, I topped the cake with an eight ounce container of whipped topping. (Which, don’t even get me started on. I typically DO NOT LIKE whipped cream/whipped topping/cool whip, etc., but when I found out it was whipped topping on this cake after eating it, I was so surprised! It tastes really good on this cake.)

And the final step is to add your favorite sliced fruits atop the cake. My co-worker Gabi makes the prettiest Tres Leches Cakes, and I tried my best to emulate her most recent lovely creation, by adding diced mango, sliced strawberries, and blueberries to my cake. I think it turned out quite well!:


This is quite literally the moistest cake you’ll ever eat, and is perfectly light and fresh for a spring brunch. Good stuff!

Sunday afternoon we watched the Wolverines advance to the Final Four.

So. Excited!!

Michigan Bear approves:

image (14)

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Easter Musings

  1. I hear Quebec City is really nice – it’s the one of the oldest if not THE oldest cities in North America. And Montreal seems like a cool city. I think you’ll get a little bit of a European feel for probably half the price.

    And 20 episodes of Girls in a day and a half??? That’s a LOT of Lena Dunham boobage.

    • That’s what I hear! (re: Quebec). I think we are kind of leaning toward the Canadian route as of late, in terms of getting the best bang for our buck.

      And shiz, I apparently forgot how to do basic arithmetic. In my world, apparently days have only 12 hours. It should read “20 episodes in SEVENTY-TWO HOURS,” which is still pretty damn impressive, in my book (and/or pathetic, depending on how you look at it.) And yes, so much LD boobage. Retinal tattoos for life.

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