Roger Monk’s Happy Hour

A restaurant and bar offering daily specials that is less than two miles from one’s workplace seems like a natural Happy Hour choice, right?

It does. So I don’t know why I haven’t visited Roger Monk’s for Happy Hour more often.


Apparently “back in the day” (e.g., over three years ago), Roger Monk’s used to be Lord Fox. But I wouldn’t know much about that because I never visited Lord Fox. I only visited once before, maybe a year and a half ago, when the establishment had already undergone its transformation into Roger Monk’s.

image (19)

Last time I visited, it was for a work-sponsored gathering and I tried a whole slew of appetizers with my wine. Some were good, some were great, and some were not-so-great.

My most recent visit was Megan-sponsored, which was why we visited during Happy Hour, to take advantage of the deals from 4:00-6:00 PM (and I found out they also happen again after 9:00 PM).

Basically, five is the magic number at Happy Hour, with $5 cocktails and appetizers. My Happy Hour companion and I ordered a citrus cocktail and a margarita on the rocks with salt, respectively, to start. We picked a bright sunny table in front of a large picture window at the front of the cozy house-turned-restaurant. Very quaint.

image (20)

Roger Monk’s sweet potato fries were awesome! I loved the two unique dipping sauces on the side, including a creamy cinnamon sugar dip, and a mustard-y mayo dip.

image (21)

The chicken satay with peanut sauce appetizer was not what I expected and overpriced, at $5 for a couple ounces of chicken. The chicken was seasoned well, and the peanut sauce was tasty, but the chicken was overcooked.

image (22)

We initially ordered two apps, but eventually decided to order a third right before happy hour ended a 6:00 PM, which was the meatball appetizer, with a sweet, tangy cherry glaze. These were really good!

image (23)

Our service was fairly good, but a bit on the slow side toward the end of our visit.

All in all, Roger Monk’s offers a nice casual alternative to some of the more upscale options around Ann Arbor.

I’m happy to have another option to add to my usually Happy Hour rotation!

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4 thoughts on “Roger Monk’s Happy Hour

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  4. Stopped by Roger Monks on a Saturday and learned they have Happy Hour on the weekend! What!? AMAZING. Amazing Craft Beer selection and a perfectly done burger on a brioche bun. Service was fast and top notch at the bar and the locals were friendly. Will definitely stop back again ASAP.

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