National Championship Bound

Didja watch the game last night? Didja, didja?

We did.

As a pair of Michigan alums, the huz and I were obviously super-psyched for last night’s basketball game against Syracuse at the Final Four. Anticipating HUGE crowds downtown Ann Arbor, we headed just a few miles outside of town, to Aubree’s in Ypsilanti Township. We arrived quite early and scored a booth with our own personal TV! (There were tons of other TVs in the bar showing the game too.)

image (5)

SO FUN! By the time Michigan started playing, Aubree’s was packed to the brim. The energy was electric!

image (3)

Though we arrived early, we had the second half of the Louisville vs Wichita State game, AND, lots of food and drank to entertain us.

We nommed on an order of wings with Bourbon Derby sauce with our first round of beers.

image (2)

In time for the Michigan game, our supreme pizza arrived. This pizza seriously tasted amazingly. Best pizza I’ve had from Aubree’s. YUM.

image (4)

Then, since the night was still relatively young and we had big appetites, we also shared an order of fish and chips. Everything on the plate = super yum!

image (7)

We decided to go all out and order dessert also, with the nail-biting second half of the game. At our server’s recommendation, we ordered the Cookie Crisp, featuring chocolate chip cookie dough fried in a tortilla, served with cold vanilla ice cream, and chocolate and caramel sauces. I was full beyond words at this point, and mostly spooned out the warm, gooey chocolate dough from the fried tortilla. So rich.

image (8)

And then, we TOTALLY WON. Yayyyy! Everyone in the place was hooting and hollering and applauding. Such a fun night!

image (10)image (9)

Woot woot! We are bound for the National Championship game on Monday evening!

image (1)

Um, can I please get a GO BLUE!?

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