Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

For the last several months, I have read in multiple sources that research has shown that a calorie isn’t a calorie. Not all calories are created equal. I read several healthy cooking magazines, such as Cooking Light and Eating Well, and this has been a hot topic as of late.

While I’m no registered dietitian, in a nutshell, an RD over at Cooking Light puts it like this:

“New studies hint that the body may burn calories from whole foods better than it does calories from processed foods like Twinkies.” –Cooking Light

I also found another interesting infographic, bashing simple carbohydrates (potatoes, beer, white bread), and slamming them for “making us fat.” Very interesting.

Clearly this is an evolving topic, but I think we can all agree that it just makes sense that whole foods are best for us. All of this talk has got me thinking even more about what I eat this week, and as a result I found myself slashing out a few carb-heavy foods in my meal plan this week, such as the substitution of high protein, high fiber pasta in place of regular pasta, used in my Macaroni Scramble yesterday, in place of regular pasta.

Also, such as THIS recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad!

It’s packed with veggies: eight cups of greens, plus celery, carrot, and cukes.


I made the simple homemade blue cheese dressing recommended by Eating Well, consisting of red wine vinegar, buttermilk, pepper, and blue cheese, which was light enough to coat all of the veggies but not heavy enough to weigh down the greens.


I baked boneless skinless chicken breast in the oven, sliced it, and then tossed it with Frank’s Buffalo Sauce.


An extra drizzle of Buffalo Sauce on top, and a few extra crumbles of blue cheese, and you’ve got a super healthy, low-carb, high protein dinner!


Find the original recipe inspiration over at Eating Well.

I’m such a sucker for Buffalo Sauce.

2 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

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