What’s Up In Ann Arbor

Hey nommers! This week has flown by. Just a complete whirlwind. No joke! It has just been crazy for me at work the last couple weeks. Yesterday was the most insane day, when I got to work at 7:20 AM to prep for a last minute meeting and my access badge wouldn’t let me into the office. Such a fail.

Yesterday was really one of those days where it seemed like every minute something new, stressful, super annoying thing would pop up. Days like these, I especially appreciate coming home (or going out!) to relax, sip a cocktail or two, and enjoy a delicious meal. Food (and good company to share it with!) is often the best part of my day and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Actually, did you guys see this feature over at Buzzfeed comparing “Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties?” Well, it is amazing. And so true. Especially the part declaring that excitement in your late twenties is “Oh my gosh, look it’s food! I love food!"

And you guys know I love a good food and drink event. Lately I’ve posted about:

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I thought I’d share a little information about an upcoming foodie event in Ann Arbor in case any of you local townies are interested.


From the press release:

“Food experience innovator, Dishcrawl, is launching in Ann Arbor with its first event on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. Dishcrawl events are a dream come true for foodies who want to sample popular dishes of four different local restaurants in one night. The event will take place in downtown Ann Arbor.”

Sounds pretty neat, right? Obviously right up my alley. When asked what it is about Dishcrawl that makes it so cool, Ann Arbor Dishcrawl Ambassador, Gabriela Islas, said,

“The coolest thing is that Dishcrawl is all about communities. You get to meet fellow foodies as well as local media, restaurant owners and chefs. Dishcrawlers can try the most popular dishes in four different restaurants, all in one night. You’re basically a foodie for a night. I think it’s a great idea for food-lovers, but also for people looking for date-night ideas, for people new to town, or for singles looking to meet people. It’s basically a great option for anyone.”

Here’s the scoop on how you can get your tickets (I already scooped up a pair for myself!):

Ann Arbor’s first Dishcrawl is on Tuesday, April 23 at 7 p.m. Our local Dishcrawl Ambassador informs me that, “We’re going to visit four restaurants in the Downtown Ann Arbor area. The restaurant list is a secret, but participants get clues via Twitter and Facebook, which makes it really fun! 48 hours before the event, we notify people where to meet and get the fun started. Tickets are $45 and include all food, tax and tips. Tickets are available at www.Dishcrawl.com/annarbor .”

Also, Dishcrawl is offering 15% OFF THE TICKET PRICE, exclusively to "MegGoesNomNom" readers. Just use the code "meggoesnomnom" during check out!

(For any non-locals, the events take place nationwide, so check out their site also if you’re interested in finding an event in your area.)

Just thought I’d keep all you nommers in the know! Smile

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