Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger

It recently occurred to me that an Ann Arbor restaurant staple is blatantly lacking a presence on MegGoesNomNom. (Have you seen my giant compiled list of restaurant reviews, by the way?)

But don’t worry – I am here to remedy that!

This summer, Blimpy Burger will be closing at its current well-known location at the corner of Packard and Division, and the owner has declared intentions to relocate to another, yet-to-be-determined location in Ann Arbor. Despite moving four times as a college student, I still spent  all four years of my undergraduate studies living within 0.3 miles of Blimpy Burger (yup, I just checked it out on Google Maps), so the location is most definitely what I would consider “my old stomping grounds,” and thus, it is near and dear to my heart.

Clearly, I needed to stop by at least one time before the proposed move. (Let us hope they actually reopen! Blimpy has been around since 1953!)

Friday night seemed like a perfect night to do so.

With my intentions to stay in like a bum for the night (happily) shattered by a call from Five Cent Femme, we first hit up mash for a stiff drink to end the longest work week ever.


Then, I led Five Star through her first Blimpy Burger experience.

And yes it is an experience, as I’m sure my Ann Arbor readers are aware. Such an experience, that the Food Network found it necessary to visit not long ago.

image (8)

Basically, when it comes to ordering, there are rules, and if you don’t follow the rules, you may be reprimanded. But’s it’s all in good fun, and part of the experience. Basically don’t start asking for ketchup and onion buns when your beef hasn’t even begun cooking yet.

As is the case much of the time, there was a steadily moving line to order food.

image (6)

Don’t forget to pick out your drink first, then grab a tray – they are mandatory.

image (2)

Then pick out your burger size. Double, Triple, Quad, or Quint. That’s right, Single isn’t even an option. I find a Triple to be a good size for my belly.

Next, inform the cooks of any fried/grilled items you’d like on your burger (I got bacon) or on the side (onion rings, in my case).

image (5)

Then, cheese, then bun, and toppings.

image (3)

Then, pick a seat, or hurry home to eat it while it’s hot!
image (7)

My burger creation: triple on an onion bun, with American cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, mayo, ketchup, and green olives. SO GREAT!!


I love Blimpy and I am now satisfied that it now has it’s own well-deserved place on the blog!

Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger on Urbanspoon

Later we went to La Dolce Vita for dessert (technically the bar at Chop House, since La Dolce was filled, I guess?) for dessert wines and dessert. This just might be my new favorite Ann Arbor tradition. (I went about three weeks ago too).

image (11)

Bananas Foster Bread Pudding (mine):

image (9)

Chocolate Caramel Torte (hers):

image (10)

So pretty!

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