\aut\ BAR and Kip Barry’s

Happy Saturday! It’s a little weird out there today. The grass is as neon green as ever, the sun keeps peeking out from behind the Simpson’s-esque clouds, and there are patches of snow on the ground (which, incidentally, are quickly melting).

image (18)

Last night, I had evening plans for a show on Braun Court, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit \aut\ BAR for the first time before hand, after years of intrigue by this gay-friendly bar and restaurant that welcomes those from all walks of life.

image (33)

I do hear that \aut\ BAR offers a pretty great brunch on the weekends. That is next on my to-eat list.

However, on Friday, we went for dinner and dranks.

A solid Bulleit Manhattan for me, and some sort of Strawberry Mojito for Five Cent Femme. Nice drink menu.

image (12)

After a light lunch earlier in the day, I was pretty hungry for dinner and a burger sounded awesome, so I went with the \aut\ BURGER.

And you guys!? It was fantastic! A thick 1/3 pound beef patty (from Knight’s Market), as juicy as can be, topped with steam onions (soft and sweet!), cheddar, and mayo, along with romaine, tomato, and pickles. What a terrific burger! My hands got so messy, which is the mark of a good burger. I don’t trust any burger that leaves my hands clean and dry.

I had an order of hand-cut french fries with lots of ketchup with my burger. The price of this burger was a steal.

image (14)

Five Cent ordered an item that had also piqued my interest, as a lover of wraps – the Chicken Salad Roll-Up, with celery, apple, red onion, raisins, pecans. She said it was tasty and didn’t leave any behind.

image (13)

I really enjoyed hanging out, dining, and drinking cocktails at \aut\ BAR. We contemplated what it would be like to live in the former-house, with the quirky décor and flashy yellow walls. Just a chill place with a nice, cozy, warm vibe.

Aut Bar on Urbanspoon

image (32)

After dinner, we strolled across Braun Court (like ten steps, for the win) to Kip Barry’s Tricks & Treats & Performing Arts Center.

image (34)

You might recall reading that Five Star SexiMexy and I stumbled upon this place two nights prior.


This time, I brought Five Cent Femme with me for the "The World According To You" Improv Show.

She’s my go-to person for weird shit. We have a long history of attending some weird events together, anything from some really outlandish burlesque shows, to playing Laser Tag with sixth graders, to Drag Queen Bingo, to auto shows, to riding motor scooters across causeways in Florida, to kayaking down the river, to driving around bumping techo music. I’ll try anything once twice, and Five Cent Femme is usually down to check out any new event.

image (31)

The center offers several snacks for sale, and you are also allowed to purchase drinks (booze or otherwise) at \aut\ BAR, across the court and bring them over to the performing arts center to enjoy during the show. (Apparently the court’s liquor license covers this activity.)

image (15)

The customer service aspect of the center has a little room to grow (we didn’t really like being made to move aside to allow a couple who arrived late and were celebrating a birthday to side at the table directly in my comfortable leg space after we got there early to secure seats), but we appreciated the owner’s enthusiasm, positivity, and support of the local arts community.

image (17)

The improv troupe was HILARIOUS, by the way. A riot. I really enjoyed myself. I’d much rather spend $10 on a show here, than drop $10 on a movie ticket, given the option. Just saying. (I do love movies though!)

Ann Arbor is such a kick-ass city that has so many amazing things to offer! I love living here.

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