What Crêpe? – Ann Arbor

Last Friday night, I dined at the relatively new What Crepe? restaurant here in Ann Arbor.

image (3)

My first experience dining at What Crepe? was during my participation in Ann Arbor’s Dishcrawl Launch event. What Crepe? is located downtown on Liberty Street within these bright red awnings.

image (4)

The owners of What Crêpe? have created a lovely, unique dining space in Ann Arbor, studded with crystal chandeliers juxtaposed with warm reds, purples, and wooden elements.


During Dishcrawl, we sat at a long low table, pictured below. When the huz and I visited on Friday evening, we sat at a high top table along the bright white wall, as can be seen below.


Before I tell you about my Friday night crepes, let me first recap the crepes I tried on my first visit, just to give you a few more tastes of the types that are offered.

During Dishcrawl, our first plate included half of two different savory crêpes, with my favorite of the two (by a landslide) being the:

      • MUSHROOM MADNESS – “savory blend of mushrooms, swiss, truffle zip” <- This one was FANTASTIC! Swoon-worthy. I love mushrooms.

I also enjoyed (but wasn’t blown away by):

      • THE MEXICAN – chorizo sausage, eggs, cheddar, orange jalapeno sauce

Several diners (including us!) commented on the deliciousness of the sweet jalapeño sauce on the side. What a clever little sauce. It definitely grew on me, as it was a little odd at first. By the end of the meal I was dredging up every last bit of it with my crêpe!


And for our Dishcrawl dessert crêpe, we had the pleasure of trying a sweet crêpe filled with custard for dessert. Pretty simple, but good.



Alright, and now I will tell you about our date night last Friday night (note: we had a Groupon to use toward the meal!).

To drink, I started with a Cranberry Manhattan cocktail which was much sweeter than I prefer my cocktails to be, and also pretty weak for the steep price. Next time I’ll just get a regular Bulleit Rye Manhattan.


The huz and I selected two crêpes to split. The first was the:

    • GARLIC PARMESAN CRUSTED SMOKED SALMON – garlic parmesan smoked salmon, capers, red onion, avocado, tomatoes, house made dijon dill sour cream.

First off, BEAUTIFUL presentation! Gorgeous. This crêpe, which is served cold, was fantastic. I didn’t much pick up on the “garlic parmesan crust” of the salmon, but regardless, the smoked salmon was delicious. So was the house made dijon dill sour cream. I had expected a stuffed crêpe, and was a little surprised when this deconstructed plate of ingredients was presented to me. However, it ended up being fun assembling each bite of food to my liking.

image (7)

We also split the:

      • SIGNATURE RIBEYE TRUFFLE – pan-seared rib eye steak, spinach, wild mushrooms, swiss, signature truffle zip.

This was okay. Honestly I didn’t find the steak to be very flavorful at all. Nor did I taste the Swiss cheese in this crepe. The mushrooms were the highlight. I wouldn’t order this one again. A little disappointing.

image (9)

A close up:

image (8)

For dessert, the huz and I each picked out our own crêpe and pretty much stuck with eating our own, though we did share a couple bites. The huz’s selection:

    • NUTTY MONKEY – fresh bananas, warm nutella, vanilla ice cream, candied pecans, powdered sugar, whipped cream.

Obviously this was good. How could it be bad!?

image (14)

Aaand, THE best part of the meal, in my opinion, was (by far!!!) my dessert crêpe:

      • BANANA EXOTIQUE – caramelized bananas, toasted coconut, caramel sauce, powdered sugar, whipped cream.

YES, YES, and YES. Oh, I was totally That Girl going “Oh My God” and “Mmmm!!!!” after every single swoon-worthy bite. The caramelized bananas in caramel sauce were mind-blowingly sweet, tender, rich, and foodgasmic. The only element that didn’t blow me away was the toasted coconut (one of my favorite ingredients typically) because I think it was overwhelmed by the bananas and I didn’t really taste it. But it doesn’t matter, because this was Awesome with a capital A.

image (11)

So, in conclusion, my experience is that What Crêpe?’s food is hit or miss. You’ve got to find the crêpes you like. Or create your own! There were highs and lows in both of our What Crêpe? experiences, in terms of food quality.

The service during our Friday night visit was super slow, which was annoying because we arrived extra early, with a reservation, and needed to leave on time to see The Great Gatsby with our pre-purchased movie tickets. The young wait staff were all pleasant enough yet seemed rather inexperienced, and overworked, in that they just had too many tables to wait on, which left us neglected and in need of refills and attention many times.

What Crepe? on Urbanspoon

Without the Groupon, the meal would have been crazy expensive and not worth the cost. While the experience of ordering crêpes is fun and somewhat unique, if I come back again, it will probably just be for a dessert crêpe!

2 thoughts on “What Crêpe? – Ann Arbor

  1. I was really thrown off by the decor – is beautiful. But not what is expect a crepe place to be like. Not that I have any idea what i was expecting.

    We had some savory ones for brunch and we were disappointed. I had that signature truffle and son had the mushrooms. Both were very greasy and I could’ve sworn the mushrooms were canned.

    Didn’t have a sweet one, so am totally willing to try one. Both of those dessert ones look great. I always make banana Nutella ones at home and we love that combo.

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