Dinner Meal Plan for June 2-8

I hope you’ll forgive my weekly recap post being a few days late. Lots of bloggable things have been happening and I’ve yet to catch up!

Recap of Last Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for May 26 – June 1:

image (17)



  • Tuesday: Irish Whiskey and Appetizers at Conor O’Neill’s Whiskey Tasting Event (post coming soon!)

image (29)

  • Wednesday: Grilled Smoked Cheddar Brats, Southwestern Corn and Bean Salad, and Fruit


Cocktails were in order.

image (37)

And flash-fried calamari. Gratzi’s is the best!

image (38)

I ordered the Vitello al Tartufo – “roasted veal tenderloin with mushroom ragout, served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, finished with truffle butter.” Yum!

image (40)

Then, girls being girls, our group headed to Iorio’s for gelato. Get a free small on your birthday, FYI! Since it was not my birthday, I ordered a medium (medio), with Jasmine Green Tea, Bacio, and Pistachio Butter Cookie. YES.

image (41)

  • Friday: Five Cent Femme’s birthday festivities continued. But, before going out, I got some food in my stomach in the form of take-out Chicken Shawarma with Hummus from Ahmo’s. This was good, but next time I’ll go back to my trusty falafel combo.

image (44)

Later in the evening, Five Cent and I met up with a bunch of others and I played shuffleboard for the first time ever at ABC.

Well, so I have played this kind (below) before, where the discs goes on the ground and a pole for pushing the discs is employed. Actually I used to play shuffleboard a ton as a kid, when my family would visit Northern Michigan and stay at cottage resorts on the lake.


[ source ]

But no, the version I played on Friday night was atop a wax-bead covered table, more along these lines:


[ source ]

And as it turns out, I had a somewhat surprising knack for it. Who knew.

Five Cent’s birthday goal was to dance to 80’s and 90’s club music, so, a huge group of us rolled deep and went to…

image (45)_450


Yup. For the record, I haven’t been to Necto since I was 21 which was, well, several years ago. I (semi-?) jokingly proclaimed that going to Necto is an experience that I can only handle every six years, tops. Maybe I exaggerate because I can’t deny I had fun dancing on Saturday night, especially to those retro Top 40 hits in the Red Room of Necto. (But damn it was hot down there.) Oh, and Friday night is Pride Night at Necto also, which is probably the best night to visit. Oh, I also just wanted to say the little punk working at the door was a do …er, a jerk. Jus’ sayin’, cuz I can.

Dude, I can’t even share half of the pictures I took on Friday night because they are too graphic. Here’s a couple tame ones:

Me and the birthday femme:

image (48)_520

Dancing with lots of fierce people:image (47)

Naturally, dancing works up an appetite, so a slice of ‘za at NYPD was in order.

image (49)_520

Upcoming Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for June 2-8:

Grocery List:

    • Produce:
        • Bananas
        • Lemon
        • Sweet Potatoes
        • Cukes
        • Onions
        • Dill
        • Bibb Lettuce
        • Carrots
        • Kale
        • Thyme
        • Brussels Sprouts
        • Red Bell Pepper
        • Nectarines
        • Cherries
        • Corn
        • Raspberries
        • Blueberries
    • Dairy/Eggs:
        • Cottage Cheese
        • Yogurt


          • Sirloin Steaks
          • Pork Chops
          • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
          • Wild Alaskan Salmon
          • Bacon
      • Pantry:
          • Pinto Beans
          • Panko Bread Crumbs
      • Frozen:
          • Creamed Spinach
      • Beverages:
          • Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout (for the beans recipe! okay, and for drinking too.)

    I bought a TON of produce this week and pretty much zero “junk.” (No, bacon can never be considered junk.) Hooray.

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