Conor O’Neill’s Irish Whiskey Tasting

Recently, the huz and I attended an Irish Whiskey Tasting at our local Irish pub, Conor O’Neill’s in downtown Ann Arbor.

image (33)

Upon arrival, we received a welcome cocktail made with Paddy Irish Whiskey, lemon-lime soda, and lime.

image (24)

Also known as a Paddy Wack, this cocktail is Conor’s signature drink. Tasty!

image (25)

At the front of the room were displays of the whiskeys to be tasted.

image (26)

Different elements of a whiskey mash were also on display, such as barley and corn.

image (27)

Before the tasting began, we helped ourselves to the appetizer buffet!

image (28)

I loved the cheese display (!!) and helped myself to some goat cheese, brie, and pepper jack cheese, along with chicken skewers, artichoke dip with warm pita bread, quesadillas, and more. Tasty!

image (29)

The huz and I found two seats next to each other where we nibbled on our apps.

image (23)

Soon, the presentation began, which was led by a Jameson Whiskey Ambassador from Jameson, Ireland! We learned about how Irish Whiskey is made, the differences between different types of whiskeys and scotches, and more. Interesting!


Soon, we got to start our tasting, led by the Jameson Whiskey Ambassador, who provided information about each spirit. We tasted:

    • Paddy Irish Whiskey
    • Jameson Irish Whiskey
    • Jameson 12 Year Irish Whiskey
    • Redbreast 12 Year Irish Whiskey <- my favorite
    • Powers 12 Year Whiskey
    • Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey

image (22)

After the tasting, we were treated to sweets. I had a small piece of yummy, warm bread pudding.

image (30)

The huz went for the (Bailey’s?) cheesecake.

image (31)

Whiskey buzzin’! The event was very fun and also affordable! I hope Conor’s has more tastings like this in the future.

I love learning about – and more importantly, tasting! – different types of foods and spirits, especially when such an experience is offered at a price that makes it approachable and affordable to many people.

image (32)

After apps and a modestly portioned dessert, we weren’t quite ready to end our night so we hopped across Main Street to Jolly Pumpkin.

image (34)

We went with our standard: Fire & Smoke Pizza, Bam Biere, and…

image (35)

…Truffle Fries! These items never disappoint.

image (36)

What a fun, random Tuesday night!

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