Dinner Meal Plan for June 16-22

You might remember in my last weekly post I said that this past week would be a “wing it” week, and it WAS – because I was traveling most days!

Recap of Last Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for June 9-15:


The huz and I split an order of wings. He finds it difficult to NOT try the wings when an establishment offers them on their menu. Knights’ were good.1091

Then we each ordered a burger. I ordered this 1/3 pound bad boy with blue cheese, bacon, pickles, onion, lettuce, tomato.1094

Yum sauce.


We attended this nice event put on by the Food Gatherers as a yearly celebration and fundraiser for their work.

06 June 2013

  • Monday: Hopped on a plane headed to BWI and had dinner at my hotel restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland.


  • Tuesday: I spent the day in a meeting related to the research study that I coordinate, held in Bethesda, and then for dinner, headed into town with others from work for food and drank. I had this really surprisingly incredible scallop entrée at American Tap Room, and did a bit of exploration around town.

“Pan seared jumbo sea scallops succotash,whipped potato pureé, tomato jam.”


Oh, and I splurged on dessert, too. This was a chocolate chip banana bread with caramel sauce with bananas brûlée. Muahahaha.


  • Wednesday: Flew back to Michigan in the evening and grabbed a sub from Dibella’s on the way home.


image (5)

  • Friday: I rode the Megabus to Chicago after work and met up with Five Star SexiMexy! We took advantage of the late night happy hour deals at Devon Seafood Grill in Chicago and ordered some apps and martinis!

More to come about our fabulous weekend in my next post!


Upcoming Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for June 9-15:

    • Saturday: In Chicago
    • Sunday: Wing it – coming home from Chicago (spoiler alert: we had pizza)
    • Monday: Crispy Chik’n Filets with Linguine and Marinara Sauce, Creamed Spinach
    • Tuesday: Salmon, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Baby Greens
    • Wednesday: Biercamp Brats; Corn, Black Bean, and Avocado Salad
    • Thursday: Mediterranean Tuna Salad
    • Friday: Out

Grocery List:

Our fridge was EMPTY! This was my first grocery shopping trip in over two weeks.

  • Produce:
      • Bananas
      • Cherries
      • Green Grapes
      • Cilantro
      • Cucumbers
      • Green Onions
      • Corn
      • Green Leaf Lettuce
      • Spring Mix
      • Orange Bell Pepper
      • Yellow Bell Pepper
      • Avocado
  • Dairy/Eggs:
      • Stonyfield Greek Yogurts
      • Dannon Oikos Yogurts
  • Meat:
      • Frozen Wild Alaskan Salmon Filets
      • Canned Albacore Tuna
  • Pantry:
      • Chickpeas
      • Kidney Beans
      • Black Beans
      • Quinoa
      • Cayenne Pepper
  • Frozen:
      • Lean Pockets
      • Lean Cuisines
      • Amy’s Burritos
      • Amy’s Bowls
      • Michelina’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese
  • Dessert:
      • Ice Cream Sandwiches

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