Photo of the Week: Baby Beavis

Greetings from my first of possibly many “Photo of the Week” posts. I thought this might be a fun way to toss a little variety into the blog. Each week a new photo will be featured and it could be a new photo or an old photo. It could be food-related, or, more likely, non-food related. So we’ll try it out and see how it goes. You game?

This week, I have for you a picture of Baby Beavis perched on our deck.


First I should tell you about big Beavis, or perhaps, Momma Beavis. There is a HUGE ground hog that lives somewhere around our backyard, or our neighbors’ back yards, and he.. (or she? or THEY!?) trots around our lawn all summer long. She has the bounciest little trot, and let me tell you, momma can BOOK IT! Typically Beavis will take a few trots, stand up and pause, look around, and then take a few more trots. If you scare her though, she’s outta there.

Well, earlier this spring we discovered a tiny figure accompanying Beavis around the yard. A Baby Beavis! (Which implies there must be a Papa Beavis around these parts as well.)

Well, Baby Beavis has grown considerably, as can be seen above. The first time we saw Baby Beavis, he was oh, maybe 1/3 as big as in the above picture. But still, Baby Beavis is no where near the size of Momma Beavis yet!

We have a penchant for watching these quirky ‘hogs trot around our yard, but I hope our home doesn’t suffer any damage from their burrowing ways.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Baby Beavis

  1. Groundhog, woodchuck, whistle pig (if you grew up in Butcher “Holler”)…yes, they are cute and funny but not only do they trot, they burrow. I had a Beavis (I swear he was 3ft. long) in my yard and he did mucho damage. $95 to trap and relocate. 😡

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