Photo of the Week–Joyful

This Saturday I have installment #2 in my Photo of the Week series! And this time, with my five-year wedding anniversary approaching later this month, I have a wedding photo to share.

Spoiler alert: it won’t be the last wedding photo you’ll see this month.

In case you’re thinking that I created this Photo of the Week series as a shameless way to get people to look at my wedding pictures, you are exactly right wrong. Bear with me this July, and in August, we’ll move on. Capiche?

I was looking for a nice wedding photo to use in this post, and found this very sentimental one. At my wedding, we had a receiving line immediately following the ceremony, in which the bride and groom, our parents, and the wedding party greeted all of the guests individually. (I’m so glad we did this, by the way.) In this picture is my late grandpa, grinning, as he greets my mom and I.

This picture is so joyful and it makes me smile.


8 thoughts on “Photo of the Week–Joyful

  1. What an uplifting photo! Grandpa Don always had a smile and a joke! He loved his grandchildren! He loved to drink a bud on Dillon Rd Love, aunt anne

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