Look at my Macaroni

The Grill Master of the House was a bit dejected when I said that I wouldn’t be blogging about our “Fourth of July Steaks.” I mean, what would I say? We went to Knight’s Market, picked up a lovely pair of steaks, and grilled them over charcoal? That they were pretty amazing?


Well, yeah, I guess I could say that.

And then what?

That I made some homemade mac ‘n’ cheese to go with them?

You guys have seen my recipes for homemade mac ‘n’ cheese before. Case in point:

So in other words, this blog basically has its bases covered in terms of mac ‘n’ cheese.

But… I mean… Who out there doesn’t want to looks at mac ‘n’ cheese pictures? Please find me that person. I always want to look at mac ‘n’ cheese pictures. In fact, I am guilty of searching for the hashtag #macncheeseporn on Instagram. I bet I could even find a significant number of vegans who want to look at [real] Mac ‘n’ Cheese pictures. (Sorry if I just offended a ton of vegans.)

So, you know what? Let’s do this ish.

On the Fourth of July, I made some Mac and effing Cheese. And it was hella good.





#zOMG… breadcrumbs? Okay, that one didn’t really work. No more hash tags.


Don’t be a foo. Make a roux.


Season that ish.


Cheese-it. No Cheez-its.


No words necessary.


Now that was fun, right? The mac ‘n’ cheese recipe can be found in this cookbook, which is officially my Summer 2013 Obsession.

This was a fantastic baked mac ‘n’ cheese recipe! When I’m in the mood for baked, I can see this being my go-to recipe. Though, my verrrry favorite homemade mac ‘n’ cheese is this Stovetop Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe from Alton Brown.

What’s your favorite take on mac ‘n’ cheese?

4 thoughts on “Look at my Macaroni

  1. Next time you head to Costco try out Tillamook brand cheese they have bricks of cheddar which is very creamy and melts the best of all the cheese I have tried. I also love to place the mac n cheese on the smoker to add a dimension while I do my BBQ

  2. My favorite is the mac and cheese you made from scratch while you still lived at home ! So good. MOM

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