Europe 2013: Day 1-Arriving in Prague

As detailed in my previous post, the huz and I recently celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, we vacationed in Europe! We had such an incredible time on our first trip to Europe together last year (to Paris, Florence, and Rome), that we decided to return!

This time, we visited different countries. Our home base was Prague in the Czech Republic, though we went on a few day trips to other cities in the Czech Republic and to one city in Germany during our our trip. From our home doorstep to hotel check-in, the travel process took about 14 hours or so (but the time change gave us six of those hours back – love that!). Thursday night, we had a pre-flight dinner at DTW. Then we were served two meals on the long leg of our Air France flight from DTW > CDG.

During our layover in Paris, we required more sustenance, in the form of sandwiches. Traveling is exhausting to me, even though I’m sitting on a plane most of the time!


After a flight requiring only a short jaunt from CDG > PRG, we arrived in Prague around 5:00 PM local time on Friday. We took a taxi to our hotel – the Grand Majestic Plaza, a four-star hotel in central Prague. (As noted, we actually arrived during the day when it was light out, but I didn’t get around to taking these pictures of the front of our hotel until the evening!).


Hotel lobby. All of the staff with whom we interacted over the course of our trip were friendly, nice, and helpful, and also spoke English well.


The Grand Majestic Plaza Hotel was located on a street called Truhlarska. Though it looks slightly deserted, it was actually not. We were conveniently a mere half-block from the Náměstí Republiky metro stop and, also, from the Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky), which is filled with restaurants, tram lines, the Municipal House and Powder Tower, and a giant shopping mall. This was an excellent location for us, and we were able to walk to nearly all of the sites we wanted to see in the city.


Please, step into our room. Look right, and find a nook for luggage and large mirror. Also a wardrobe containing shelves, safe, and coffee maker.


Look to your left and find the modern bathroom. It was sparkling clean. And a HUGE bathtub and shower, especially for a European hotel! At least twice as large as any I’ve had in Europe before! I also appreciated the ample space for setting out all of my toiletries from home – a hugely important amenity to me! #highmaintenance


Standard, simply toiletries.

day 1 - copied and resized for blog

Now, proceed forward.


Big comfy bed with the best pillows ever. My only complaint was that I wanted a lighter blanket to use in place of the heavy comforter.


Flat-screen TV, desk, mini bar.


View from our room windows. Nothing special, but the large windows allowed a nice amount of natural light into the room during the day, and the interior location within the building made for quiet nights and quality sleep.


Art in the room:


After resting our weary bones for a bit, we hit the streets of Prague for a bit of exploration, with no destination in mind. Eventually, we were hungry for dinner, and we dined at the restaurant in the yellow building below called U Vesele Basy.


Czech beer and Czech wine enjoyed on the terrace.


This restaurant appeared to primarily cater to tourists (which often means food quality is sacrificed) but I think we ordered just the right thing at the right place, because dinner was actually delicious! The huz and I both ordered a sampler plate of Czech food with roast pork, grilled sausage, stewed cabbage, and Czech dumplings, all served in a bath of a really killer gravy. This hit the spot after a long day of traveling.


Even though we weren’t in Italy, I really wanted gelato for dessert, and – luckily for me – gelato is not hard to find in the touristy areas of Prague. Half a block away, we scored gelato – pistachio and tiramisu flavors for me. This was tasty but not nearly as good as Florentine gelato (nor as good as Ann Arbor’s own Iorio’s Gelateria which is just as amazing as any Florentine gelato I’ve had!).


I believe I have demonstrated in this blog that I am clearly a connoisseur of gelato. I’ve even had gelato at a two-time world champion gelateria in San Gimignano, Italy! So I’d say it’s safe to trust my judgment when it comes to gelato. Smile

Professional Gelato Eaters:


[Um, yeah, that’s me with absolutely no make-up, running on a couple hours of sleep.]


After dinner, we strolled back to our hotel to rest up for a big day ahead!

[Below: Republic Square, near our hotel].


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