Photo of the Week–Some Things Never Change

You knew it was coming eventually. My baby pictures.

This week’s Photo of the Week is ME as a baby. Be excited.

I picked this this nice summer picture taken in my parents’ backyard partially because it shows how CRAZY blonde my hair was when I was little! It has darkened up a bit as I’ve gotten older, although I used to dye it darker brown – but I stopped dyeing it over a year ago.

Also, see that spruce tree? It’s still there but now it’s about twelve times taller and wider – it’s crazy. I think now as an adult I can fully stand beneath the base of the branches. Wild.

Crazy how much some things change (a spruce tree and my hair), yet some things stay exactly the same over time (the rest of the backyard looks so similar to how it still looks 27 years later!)


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