My Fourth StitchFix Experience

In case you missed the explanation of StitchFix, or my previous shipments, catch up here:

As fun as it is to receive a StitchFix package in the mail filled with clothing items specially picked for me, the service definitely has the potential to make a dent in my budget! So I waited until five months after Fix #3 to request my next fix.


Item #1: 41Hawthorn Necklace – Collar / Bib Teardrop Link Necklace


The first item I tried on was my accessory. In fact, I got home from work, threw on my sweats, and then ripped open my StitchFix box. This was the only item I tried on until the next day!

As cute as this necklace is, I recently purchased a jewelry set in this color from Loft and don’t really need two coral statement necklaces, so I let this one go.

photo (3)

Item #2: 41Hawthorn Top – Blouse Galway 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Blouse

I was immediately drawn to the rich color of this pretty blouse. In real life it is much more of a greenish-blue than the aqua blue depicted here.


I love the pretty pearl and gold-tone buttons.


This blouse is definitely my style and would be great for work, but it was just way too baggy around my waist, to the point that it drove me crazy, so I didn’t keep it. I prefer somewhat more fitted items.


Item #3: Sweet Rain Top – Blouse Thurman Printed V-Neck Button-Up Blouse

My third item was ME to a TEE! In fact it was almost uncanny to find this in my box because not long ago I bought a top nearly identical to this – black and white chevron print – from Target!


I decided to keep the similar top already in my closer (unpictured; with the tags still on) over the one in my fix because not only did it seem to be a bit nicer (even though mine is from Target – mine has cute leather detail on the sleeves and edges!), it was also considerably cheaper than the one in my fix. But kudos to StitchFix for hitting the nail on the head with this item.


I did try it on just to see. Still decided to keep the one I already owned, but I love this top.


Item #4: 41Hawthorn Top – Blouse Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

Another great pick. I actually had pinned this top (in a different color) to my Pinterest fashion board, so clearly my stylist was paying attention. Also in the past I’d purchased a dress in this color, so they also seemed to know that I dig this royal blue shade.


I adore the sleeve detail.


This was a keeper. Totally my style! Perfect for work, date night, shopping at the mall – anything.


Item #5: 41Hawthorn Outer Layer – Blazer Karisa Riding Blazer

The final item I tried on was this forest green blazer, over a floral blouse, paired with skinny jeans and leather riding boots. I really liked the fit of this jacket, the length, and the color, but I just don’t wear blazers frequently enough to justify the cost. I let this one go.



Even though I kept only one item (41Hawthorn Top – Blouse Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse, below), my fourth fix was my best StitchFix so far! My stylist really seemed to pay attention to my past feedback, my Pinterest board likes, and my requests for tops for work with this fix, and really hit the nail on the head with basically all of the items.


4 thoughts on “My Fourth StitchFix Experience

  1. Good choice. You can see the quality of the piece. Not only on the outside but the stitching on the inside part of the sleeve is detail that would be there on a peice of lesser quality. Rich color.

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