Dinner Meal Plan for September 22-28

Last Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for September 15-21:

  • Sunday: Grilled Ribeye, Grilled Corn, Salad




photo (3)

  • Thursday: Cheese Ravioli with Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce, Creamed Spinach

I didn’t feel like cooking so we used a Living Social deal at Red Rock BBQ instead. Love that place! I tried the Pimento Cheese sandwich with chicken on a pretzel roll with a side of their fantastic mac ‘n’ cheese.

photo (9)image (1)

  • Friday: A fun night out! Casual dinner at Five Guys

image (4)

…hang time at beer tent at the Party on Washington street festival…

image (2)

…and a show at the Pig.

image (3)

  • Saturday: On Saturday I did a little shopping.

photo (10)

And by a little shopping I mean A LOT OF SHOPPING and I totally treated myself. Muahaha. #IGotPromotedThisSummer

Then, a treat for the huz (and for me… but it’s his fave): Popeye’s Chicken with the Michigan football game.


I realize the last several dinners were pretty indulgent! But the rest of the day, I basically was eating salads and yogurt. And now with the start of the new week, on Monday I’ll be back to my calorie counting ways. Nothing wrong with a little indulgence once in a while!

Upcoming Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for September 22-28:

Grocery Shopping:

  • Produce:
      • Bananas
      • Butternut Squash
      • Garlic
      • Cauliflower
      • Brussels Sprouts
      • Granny Smith Apples
      • Pineapple
      • Baby Spinach
      • Yogurt
  • Meat:
      • Ground Sirloin
  • Dairy/Eggs:
      • Butter
      • Eggs
      • Coffee Creamer
      • Yogurt
  • Pantry:
      • White Northern Beans
      • Diced Tomatoes
      • Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
      • Caramel Dip
  • Frozen:
      • Asparagus
  • Dessert:
      • Weight Watcher’s Ice Cream Bars
      • EL Fudge Cookies #throwbacktochildhood
  • Beverages:
      • Soda for the huz

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