Tmaz Taqueria

I’m so excited to share my most recent, fantastic Ann Arbor restaurant find with you today!

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I’m not sure I could even tell you where I first heard about Tmaz Taqueria. But after encountering multiple rave reviews in the news, restaurant review websites, and via social media, I finally decided that it was time that I visited Tmaz Taqueria myself, to see what the hype was all about.

I’m so glad I did!


Tmaz Taqueria features inexpensive, fresh, authentic Mexican food, with a menu that is strongly focused on tacos a la carte, though other entrees, sides, and homemade baked goods are also offered. Minimal seating is also offered, although we opted to take our tacos to go.

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The entire ride home from Tmaz Taqueria, I could barely wait to burst my to-go box – it smelled AMAZING!


Though I wasn’t quite able to eat everything I ordered in one sitting, the huz and I both ordered four tacos each:

      • Fried pescado taco (from the Tacos Especiales menu; with the green sauce on top) <- our favorite!
      • Barbacoa <-second favorite
      • Al Pastor
      • Chorizo

These tacos were wicked awesome! Everything tasted super fresh, and the flavors and textures were outstanding. The only taco we didn’t love was the chorizo taco, though the other three were amazing and I’d order them all again! The fried fish taco was a standout, with hot crispy fish encased in two warm, soft corn tortillas, topped with cilantro, onion, tomato, and a salsa verde.

The meat in the Barbacoa and Al Pastor tacos was rich and tender – so delicious.


The huz and I also shared a side of guacamole, which came with a bag of thick, crisp tortilla chips that I loved. The portion size for the guac was quite generous and more than enough for the two of us to split. Great guac – nice creamy texture, well-seasoned, prominent lime and cilantro flavors, with several avocado and tomato chunks.


All in all, I am very excited by this new Mexican food find in Ann Arbor! We were served amazing authentic Mexican tacos with a smile and enjoyed a terrific, extremely affordable dinner. Go pick up some tacos at Tmaz!

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7 thoughts on “Tmaz Taqueria

  1. Hey Cathy – er, I mean Megan… I first went there when they were only open a couple of weeks. Those booths in front used to have office desks where people could buy phone cards and send money to Mexico. Totally legit Mexican. Their soups are to DIE FOR and their tortas are also very good.

    I went to Taco King last week for the first time – on Liberty near Stadium. It’s on par with Tmaz.

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