Europe 2013: Day 5, Part II-Kutná Hora

In honor of the first day of October, today I have some bone-chilling pictures to share! Many are not food-related. Though I primarily consider this to be a food blog, my second favorite blog topic is travel. I hope you guys like hearing about my travel adventures as well. (In fact, there is a link to a collection of my Travel recaps located in the upper far right corner under my blog header, in case you’ve never noticed.)

Of course I will always tell you about all the noms enjoyed on the way! Without further ado… today’s recap:

Today I bring you the second half of our fifth day of vacation. Our morning was spent exploring the serene grounds of Vyšehrad in Prague. After lunch, we hopped in a tour van and rode one hour east of Prague, until we reached Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. We opted to do a guided tour for our day trip.


Without a doubt, the most popular attraction in Kutna Hora is the Sedlec Ossuary, more commonly known as “the "bone church.” [exterior shown above]


The interior of the church is decorated with human bones from tens of thousands of people. (Estimates say anywhere from 40,000 to 70,000 people, in fact.)


The church dates back to the 1200s, and parts of it are made entirely of human bones.


The bones were exhumed from the adjacent burial ground that served as the cemetery for victims of The Black Death and the Hussite Wars for many centuries.


The bone chandelier, above, is huge, and a real showstopper.


Artistic or creepy?




Every bone in the human body is featured in the church’s décor.


After our visit to the Bone Church, we took a short ride across Kutna Hora to visit St. Barbara’s Cathedral.


The cathedral is absolutely stunning, inside and out. I do love me a good flying buttress.


Our tour guide led our small tour group through the entire interior and spent a lot of time telling us about the history of the cathedral. St. Barbara is the patron saint of miners, and Kutna Hora has a long history as a silver-mining town in the Czech Republic.


Nothing short of breath-taking!


The church was constructed over the course of many centuries, and thus features art from many different periods, including baroque, rococo, gothic, and neo-gothic. (Here I’m trying to be artsy-fartsy, but really our super-informative day trip guide taught me all of this.)


Next, we strolled through Kutna Hora.



Kutna Hora is a beautiful and quaint small town.


I love exploring empty, quiet side streets. So charming!


Me, with St. Barbara’s Cathedral in the background.



Next we visited the Italian Court in Kutna Hora.


Honestly, I was a bit confused by what we were doing here, and didn’t take many pictures. But, another guide at the court led our group through the courtyard and building. Here is what my guidebook has to say about the Italian Court.

“During the Middle Ages, this was the seat of considerable wealth and influence – even the king maintained a part-time residence. It was here where the main workshops were housed for reworking the silver and minting coins. The “Italian” in the name refers to the Italian lawyers who worked out the early code for mining and minting. The court reached the height of its power in the 15th century with the circulation of the highly coveted Prague Grotschen. Operations were halted toward the end of the 16th century and the building fell into ruin. It was “rediscovered” in the 19th century and given a thorough neo-Gothic makeover, essentially what you see today.” [source]

Kinda interesting? Sort of.


Finally, our day in Kutna Hora came to a close.


We enjoyed views of the Czech countryside during our ride back to Prague.


Back in Prague, we had just enough time for a trip to Letna Park before our dinner reservation. We walked from our hotel, north across the Vlatava River, to Letna Park.


Our destination? The Letna Beer Garden!


Believe it or not, this beer garden was super high on my Must-Do List for Prague! Priorities.


The place was packed but we still managed to score one of the prime tables for two, overlooking the city, to drink our $1.50 Gambrinus beers.


This is reportedly where all the local go after work. I would TOTALLY do the same if I lived in Prague. I absolutely loved it here. So chill. Beer. Company. Sunshine. Views. Outdoors. YES.

Another bucket list item checked off! I am so happy here.


After a couple beers we walked back near Republic Square to dine at Pizza Nuova. We’d heard tons of good things about this place and made sure to make a reservation before we left on our trip.


..Though on a random weeknight, we probably could have gotten away with not having one. We went around 8:00 PM. The restaurant had a warm, inviting atmosphere.


From our window table, we had a nice view overlooking Republic Square.


At Pizza Nuovo, dishes may be ordered a la carte, or one may partake in one of three possible all-you-can-eat options:

    • Antipasti Buffet – endless trips
    • Degustazione “Napoletana” – Unlimited Pizza and Pasta
    • Degustazione “Campania” – Antipasti Buffet AND Unlimited Pizza and Pasta

Obviously, we partook in the third option. Hey, we’re on vacation!

First, we made our trip to the Antipasti Buffet, featuring prawns, octopus salad, caprese salad, roasted garlic, artichokes, breads, cheeses, olives, and various other salads. Delicious.


Back at our table, we turned our cards over to the green side, indicating that we were ready for the pizza and pasta feast to commence. Shortly thereafter, several servers began stopping by our table, offering up slices of pizza and scoops and various pastas.


Unfortunately I totally spaced out and forgot to take pictures of the pizza and pastas. The pizza was alright – thin crust (which was also unfortunately a big soggy), cooked in a wood-fired oven; but let me tell you, the PASTAS were especially amazing. They were definitely the stars of the show, and I had a total carb overload! We tried mezzaluni, spaghetti, penne, cannelloni, gnocchi, tagliatelle, risotto and more. We had everything from pesto to meat sauce to seafood to cream sauce to vodka sauce and everything in between. SO GOOD!

I managed to snap a picture of a half-eaten pizza slice at the end of the meal is all! Everything else was in my belly at that point! Nom.


As if I didn’t have enough food for dinner, I had a total sweet tooth craving and required gelato from a street vendor after dinner. (I miss those long summer days! It’s going on 10:00 PM in this picture!)


Another great day in the Czech Republic!

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