Chili Recipe Round-Up

Hello friends! Today I saw Michigan’s first snow. Which means it is perfect chili weather! Here is a round-up of some of my favorite recipes tested over the years. Hope you enjoy!

chili recipe round up

Fritos fo dinna, y’all!!!


Good call, Cincinnati.


Shakin’ things up a bit here for you poultry fans.


For those of you seeking a bit of spice in your life bowl.


Beans, beans, good for your heart. This one is meatless.


For those of you seeking something green in your chili.


This is a wonderful slow-cooker recipe, featuring tender chunks of beef stew meat. The flavor was quite bold, smoky, and rich, with a medium heat level. So good! I topped the chili with pepper jack cheese and light sour cream.


My “to-go” recipe for the times I am craving a classic, hearty bowl of chili. This recipe is everything I want in a chili – thick, spicy, hearty – and is perfect for crisp autumn afternoons spent watching the football game


An interesting take on a standard dish, boasting rich smoky flavors from chipotles in adobo, chorizo, and semi-sweet chocolate and a moderate heat level. Cornbread went especially well with this chili – I would suggest a hearty helping of sweet cornbread with this dish.


What is your secret chili ingredient? Tell me, tell me!


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