Oh Christmas Tree

Hey ya’ll. Today’s post is not food-related but I wanted to share our Christmas tree with you.

MegGoesNomNom is gettin’ in the holiday spirit.

The huz and I are quite excited because this is our first year of togetherness that we’ve had our own Christmas tree.

As mentioned in my Thanksgiving post, getting the tree up was a multiple day process (and I’m sure this situation isn’t unique to us). Day 1 was the day we bought it. We schlepped it home and put it up immediately! Eager beavers.


Actually there is drink involved in this post, so it’s fair to place this post on my food blog, dontcha think? Being the nerd that I am, I required hot chocolate, pine-scented candles, and a Pandora Christmas station (and fuzzy slippers) before the “Tree Event” began.


Did I mention we put the tree up before Thanksgiving? I know that is blasphemy to some. But we did not decorate it until after Thanksgiving!


See? Fuzzy slippers.


I also really like our new red snowman tree skirt, found at Michael’s.


Over the years we have acquired a small collection of tree ornaments and have been patiently waiting to put them to use, until this year. Here are just a few:


But I also ramped up our supply of ornaments with a giant box of (100!) gold and red ones from Target. Gold and red is the theme we’re trying to go for, with a random and unique sentimental pieces thrown in. Also snowmen (for me) and penguins (for him). Cute, I know.


I searched all over the city for some gold garland but absolutely could find none that I liked! Finally I sought out Amazon, and found this lovely bead and ribbon garland. Love it. [Though I think it’s out of stock now. I bought them out!]



The Grand Lighting!


I’m really happy with our tree! We both grew up with multicolor lit trees, so it seemed most home-y to us to go with multicolor lights.

I can’t believe it’s December!

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