My Fifth StitchFix Experience

Last week I received my fifth StitchFix shipment in the mail.


In this fix, I requested WARM, work-appropriate apparel. I live in Michigan. I need warm clothing, please.


Well, this fix, styled by Michelle, delivered on the warmth but unfortunately was less successful than previous fixes in terms of style. My last fix, #4, pretty much hit the nail on head in terms of sending me items that fit my tastes and style, but this fix missed the mark.

Item #1: 41Hawthorn Breyson Split-Neck Tab-Sleeve Knit Top

This top was fairly similar in style to the blue blouse I purchased in my last fix. However, this was a big miss for me, as I prefer more feminine details and bolder colors. This shirt is just kinda blah and so not me.

Verdict: Did not keep.


Item #2: 41Hawthorn Maddy Ponte Fit & Flare Dress

This dress was on the right track. Love the color and flattering style, but just simply didn’t love this item. The material wasn’t thick enough. This seems to be a common theme with StitchFix’s in-house brand 41Hawthorn.

Verdict: Did not keep.


Item #3: Mystree Chamberlin Striped Drape Front Cardigan

This sweater was somewhat on point. I requested warm clothes that this baby deeee-livered. I love the striped print. Also this was similar to an item I’d recently pinned on Pinterest. But it was just too dang huge on my petite figure. It seriously fell below my knees which just looked awkward.

Verdict: Did not keep, but have been wishing I did, to wrap around myself at my desk at work. I might just have to be weird and bring a snuggie to work at this point.


Item #4: Camfield Ruffle Trim Striped Shirt

I don’t even know about this one. Pajamas? Redeeming quality: the feminine ruffle was a spot-on detail for my style, but it just paired oddly with this top, in my opinion.

Verdict: Did not keep.


Item #5: 41Hawthorn Peggy Embellished Collar Sweater

This sweater was really, really pretty.


Check out the embellishment around the collar. Love it.


But the quality was just really lacking for the very steep price tag, so I had to let this one go. The material was just too thin for me. I was also confused by the styling suggestions on the styling card, which paired this sweater with either a cardigan (?), or else with a fitted pencil skirt.

Verdict: Did not keep.

Conclusions: I did not keep any of the items in this fix. This is the first fix that I didn’t find at least one item to keep. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all I guess!

It was still fun, and I’d probably get another fix again in the future. I think next time I will minimize my requests and just let my stylist make the executive decisions with regard to choosing what to send me! That seems to have been the most successful route in the past.

Wanna get your own fix? Check out Stitch Fix’s website HERE. (<—referral link embedded)

In case you missed the explanation of StitchFix, or my previous shipments, catch up here:

4 thoughts on “My Fifth StitchFix Experience

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