Meet Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Did you guys know there is a new coffee shop in town? There is. Peet’s Coffee & Tea celebrated their grand opening in Ann Arbor in late 2013.

unnamed (6)

Until recently, the store had locations in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington, but now they’ve expanded into Michigan as well, replacing several Caribou Coffee locations in Southeast Michigan.

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When offered the chance to try out a few things at the shop, courtesy of Peet’s, I couldn’t resist. Like so many others, I am a coffee fiend and look forward to my morning cup each day.

I’ve visited the location at the corner of Stadium and Packard in Ann Arbor a few times now. On my first trip, I couldn’t resist trying the drink offered on this promotional poster in the entry.

unnamed (4)

Sea Salt & Caramel Mocha. It was heavenly as it sounds. The barista sprinkled coarse sea salt on top of the whipped cream, and my favorite sips were the ones with a little burst of saltiness. I also really liked that the whipped cream was not overly sweet. Sweet whipped cream is not my thang. When it comes to whipped cream, keep it tangy and creamy, hold the sugar please.

unnamed (1)

This was quite the treat! Normally I tend to drink black coffee, but once in a while I do like to treat myself to an indulgent sweet treat for dessert.

Peet’s focuses their energy on offering great tasting, quality coffee, and leaves the baked goods up to others. A partnership with Ann Arbor-based company Zingerman’s Bakehouse means that delicious freshly-made baked goods are delivered each day to the coffee shop.

unnamed (2)

I absolutely LOVE scones but I usually save them for special occasions (because they have so many calories!). On this day, I treated myself to a biscuit-y scone with currants, sprinkled with coarse sugar, made by Zingerman’s Bakehouse. I’ll take a scone over a donut any day, and this scone delivered. Very fresh and great consistency. Firm enough to dip in my coffee, but soft enough to not break my teeth like some scones I’ve had at other places.

The huz tried a pecan blondie and enjoyed it enough to order it again on our second visit.

unnamed (3)

Peet’s also offers freshly-roasted coffee beans in their stores.

unnamed (5)

I took home a bag of a medium roast coffee called Café Domingo.


The beans were roasted that very day!


Café Domingo is a nice smooth, balanced coffee – very approachable.


When you order a pound of coffee beans at the store, you also get a free cup of coffee. Score! Very good coffee – I approve!

unnamed (8)

I can see myself returning to Peet’s in the future when I’m over on that side of town. Perhaps on my way out to Arborland to go shopping!? Another good choice for coffee in town.

Disclaimer: Peet’s offered me a gift card in exchange for sharing my experiences in their store on social media. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever tried Peet’s coffee and/or tea? What’d ya think?

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