Logan–Ann Arbor Restaurant Week: Jan. 2014

Last month I dined at Logan for the second time (both times during Restaurant Week) and it was even better than last time. Other than sharing the dishes we tried this time, my review of the restaurant would be pretty consistent with our last visit, in that we had excellent experiences both times. But I’d still like to tell you about that food. That’s what I’m here for. Always.

photo 3

Before Logan: drinks at The Bar at 327 Braun Court. Right now a classic cocktails menu is featured. I went with my favorite classic cocktail – a Manhattan.

photo 4

Once we were sufficiently liquored up (I kid), we headed a few blocks over to Logan.

Ordering from the three-course restaurant menu:

  • Course 1: “Cheese duo – Gruyere cheese fritter served with a tomato tamarind sauce paired with yogurt goat cheese mousse and sweet onion marmalade with parmesan pepper chips.”

YES. Meg.Loves.Cheese.Best. I regretted being unable to lick my plate clean here. The gruyere fritter came out the winner for me, but in the land of cheese, there is no loser.

photo 6-2

Of course, I couldn’t pass up a paired wine flight with dinner.

photo 7

  • Course 2: “Logan salad – Baby greens tossed with a 30-year-old sherry vinaigrette, and sprinkled with crispy garlic chips.”

Three words: crispy garlic chips. Yes. The Earle, this is what I was talking about when I suggested featuring something special and unique that would bring me back again. No ordinary salad at Logan!

photo 8photo 9-2

Short Rib is one of my favorite foods and Logan offers an INCREDIBLE rendition.

  • Short ribs – “Slowly braised beef short ribs in red wine, veal stock, and aromatics. Served with cheese grits, carrots and red wine braised shallots.”

Every detail of this dish seemed to be executed perfectly. I don’t think I even possess the language to describe how delicious this was. To call this simply “delicious” would be a drastic understatement.

Eating this dish just made me want to eat ALL THE THINGS on the Logan menu.

photo 11

The huz ordered:

  • Moroccan hen – “Roasted Cornish hen marinated in a Moroccan spice blend and preserved meyer lemons. Served with ginger confit of carrot, couscous and a Moroccan olive & butter.”

A bite of the hen was shared with me and it was so meltingly tender!

photo 10

Logan has such incredible food and professional service. It is such a treat to dine there! Logan is absolutely one of my favorite restaurants in town.

photo 12
Logan’s portions aren’t giant, so we had room for dessert from CUPCAKE STATION! (Don’t worry, we brought a couple of these home with us for later consumption.)

photo 13

Now, I’m off to go grab a napkin to wipe up the drool. (Attractive, I know.)

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3 thoughts on “Logan–Ann Arbor Restaurant Week: Jan. 2014

  1. Is the Bar at Braun Court, the same as Espresso Bar during the day? Going to Logan for Valentine’s Day for the first time and CANNOT wait! Thank you for the great suggestions – that salad looks awesome 🙂

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