My Sixth StitchFix Experience

More adventures with StitchFix! Fix #6 was more successful that Fix #5, which was a bit of a flop.

Item #1: Street Level Billie Cut-Out Fold-Over Clutch

I liked the glam rocker style of this clutch but I found the size to be awkward. The strap was a strange length, even after adjusting it – not long enough to make it a crossbody bag, too short for over the shoulder – and I’m not much of a clutch person. I need a strap because I like to have my hands free.

Verdict: Did not keep.


Item #2: Just Black Adora Skinny Jean in Teal Green

These teal skinny jeans were adorable and I loved the fun color. It was even more vibrant in person. However these were much to small around the waist, plus the price was wayyy to high for the quality. These seemed like $19 Forever 21 skinny jeans, and I certainly would not pay $88 for them. But, were the fit and price right, I would totally wear these.

Verdict: Did not keep.


Item #3: Black Swan Hascall Faux Leather Jacket in Brown

I do like this jacket but didn’t love the color or fit. A super cute pastel pink one was featured on my styling card, which I would have loved to have tried in place of this brown one. The jacket hung too loosely when unzipped and looked awkward when zipped up, in my opinion – at least on me. The price was actually quite reasonable, however.

Verdict: Did not keep.


Item #4: Sweet Rain Cellar Open Front Drape Cardigan in Burgundy

I love everything about this cardigan. The fit was great, and I loved the belted detail in the back of the sweater, making the item a bit more figure-flattering than a plain loose cardigan. The draping in the front also makes for a pretty detail.


The color is a pretty plum-burgundy, and pairs perfectly with a floral blouse I purchased in an earlier StitchFix, as you can see below. I also have some red and violet two-tone glasses that match this outfit so well.

Verdict: Kept it!

photo 1 (10)

Item #5: Collective Concepts Melandry Button-Up Tab-Sleeve Blouse in Fuchsia

It seems after my last fix, the message that I wanted bolder colors seems to have been heard loud and clear, but StitchFix still hasn’t gotten the message that I like form-fitting clothes instead of baggy clothes, because I repeatedly keep getting these baggy blouses in my fixes. This blouse fit like a garbage bag around my body and it was way too short to tuck in. The quality also really seemed to be lacking. This seemed like a cheaper version of the fuchsia blouse I purchased in my first fix (which I love and also cost $20 less than this one!)

Verdict: Did not keep.



  • I loved the one item (burgundy drape cardigan) I purchased from my fix!
  • I feel like the quality of the items I’ve been receiving from StitchFix has decreased dramatically since I first started getting fixes a year ago, despite the fact that I haven’t changed my preferences when it comes to pricing. I tend to request that I receive cheaper items in most categories, but maybe I need to change my preferences to more moderately-priced items. To me $88 for skinny jeans made of a thin material seems very expensive, not “cheap,” though. And I can’t imagine myself paying more than that for a slightly higher quality jean. Am I deluded?
  • As always, getting my StitchFix was a fun experience. This was an early birthday gift to myself this month.

Wanna get your own fix? Check out Stitch Fix’s website HERE. (<—referral link embedded)

In case you missed the explanation of StitchFix, or my previous shipments, catch up here:

4 thoughts on “My Sixth StitchFix Experience

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your second bullet point at the end of this review. I am set to receive cheaper items and have been getting jeans around $98. The quality is equal to what I can find in my small town mall for MUCH cheaper. I want to get better made items, but I don’t know if picking higher prices will get me better quality. After five fixes I still don’t have faith in SF.

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