Dinner Meal Plan for March 2-8 and Weekly Recap

Recap of Last Week

This week got all shaken up, and things didn’t exactly go according to last week’s plan, but I made do.

Dinner Meal Plan for February 23-March 1:

photo 12

photo 14

photo 13


  • Thursday – Friday: I came down with a pretty wicked cold that left me couch-ridden for a couple days. I pretty much lived on:

Chicken Noodle Soup – delivered by the huz, of course.

photo 15-2

Southwestern Broccoli and Cheese Soup

photo 15-1

Green Smoothies.

photo 15

And by Friday evening, pizza sounded pretty good. My tastes buds were all out of whack though and the pepperoni tasted so weird to me!

photo 17

  • Saturday: Still wasn’t much up for going out, but really had a hefty appetite, which meant Jerusalem Garden. That fattoush! Mmm mm! Enjoyed with the Michigan basketball game.

photo 18

Upcoming Week

Dinner Meal Plan for March 2-8:


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