Dinner Meal Plan for March 9-15 + Weekly Recap

Happy first day of Daylight Savings Time! I personally LOVE having the extra hour of sunlight in the evenings and look forward to this day every winter. It’s worth “losing” an hour to gain the sunnier evenings.

I’m finally feeling mildly optimistic for spring! It feels like I’ve been in hibernation mode the last few weeks. Every night I come home from work and have a major case of winter blahs. March is looking to be a fun month – including an upcoming weekend beach getaway. Bring on the sun!

Today is also my Dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!

Here is a recap of my noms over the last week.

Dinner Meal Plan for March 2-8:


These mini frittatas are baked in a muffin pan and are one of the huz’s most frequently requested dishes! I also prepared them for Easter last year. They’re yummy, and even better as leftovers.

photo 1


This week I tried Ezekiel sprouted whole grain tortillas for the first time, with mixed reviews. I really liked their flavor and chewy texture but found them too dry, while the huz wasn’t a huge fan. Have you guys tried these? Do you have any recommendations for tasty whole wheat tortillas?

photo 2


I originally first made this dish years ago and totally forgot how amazing it is. This dish is worthy of re-blogging again in the near future, I do believe! Here it is the second time around:

photo 2-2


This salmon and Brussels sprouts dish is a favorite in our house – I’ve made it at least eight times or so. It was especially tasty this time with the Alaskan Sockeye salmon filets I used!

photo 1 (3)


photo 3 (1)photo 4 (1)-2


  • I hit up happy hour at La Dolce Vita (they have a fantastic happy hour with $5 cocktails M-F 4pm-7pm!), and grabbed dinner at Old Town with former co-worker friend and a few others.

La Dolce Vita’s Bloody Bull – an extra savory Bloody Mary prepared with beef stock. Loved it:

photo 4 (2)

Delicious burger made with fresh Knight’s Market ground beef at Old Town:

photo 1 (2)

I also had my very first pickleback at Alley Bar! (Shot of whiskey with a pickle juice chaser.)

photo 5 (2)-2photo 3 (2)


  • For brunch I was in need of greasy breakfast food and also fulfilled a pancake craving I’ve had forever, at Benny’s.

photo 6

  • Dinner: Chinese take-out from San Fu + Michigan Basketball. Big 10 Champs! GO BLUE!

photo 7

Upcoming Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for March 9-15:

Have a good week!

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