Fried Chicken Lunch at Seoul Street

A couple weeks ago, the huz and I stopped into Seoul Street, a Korean restaurant on the north side of Ann Arbor, for lunch one late Saturday morning. Actually I think we were the first ones in the door at 11:00 AM on the dot. photo 3

After hearing many bloggers and Instagrammers proclaim that Seoul Street offers Ann Arbor’s best fried chicken, I knew I had to bring the huz here. That man practically lives for fried chicken, I tell you. He can rarely resist ordering fried chicken when he see it on a menu, and thus has tried his fair share over the years. Despite this, his (and my) favorite fried chicken has been Popeye’s for a very long time. You cannot deny how delicious it is! Well, at least I can’t.

What enticed me to visit Seoul Street, however, were the Kimchee Fries, so I made sure to order a basket of them as well. They were awesome! Topped with, “caramelized kimchee & onion, cheese, spicy mayo, sour cream and sprinkle of sliced green onions,” per the menu. In this dish, Seoul Garden delivers on the promise of “bold” flavor, suggested in their restaurant slogan: “Authentic. Bold. Korean.” I would recommend trying out the Kimchee Fries.

photo 2 (2)

About 30 minutes after we ordered, out came our Korean-style Fried Chicken! (Yup, it takes a while, but it is made fresh, to order!)

I ordered the Personal Combo, in the background below, with Chicken Strips and Drums, while the huz had the four thighs, shown in the front, below. (We definitely took some of this home with us.)

photo 2 (1)

You may choose between Hot & Spicy glaze or a Soy Garlic glaze. I didn’t realize until after I ordered that you also may choose to have half and half of each glaze, but I went with the Hot & Spicy glaze. I personally didn’t love the flavor of the glaze, finding it to offer mostly salt and heat, but not a lot of flavor.

The bone-in chicken itself was tremendously juicy. Like, I don’t even know how to describe it to you. Just imagine taking a bite of the chicken and having juice run all down your face and hands and onto your plate. And, beneath the crispy coating, the chicken was so tender that I want to describe it as “buttery.” It was really good. But again, I just didn’t really love the flavor of the glaze nor the crispy coating. This is just a personal preference.

photo 1

So all in all, LOVED the fries. The chicken was definitely great, but it was not “my favorite fried chicken ever,” and the huz (aka the Master of Fried Chicken [he made me type that]) agrees. This is just our personal preference though – it’s definitely worth checking out for a tasty spin on traditional fried chicken, if you are a fan.

Just about a one mile drive from Seoul Street you can find the Leslie Science & Nature Center. We checked out their Birds of Prey exhibit after our lunch date. I’ve always loved and been intrigued by birds (I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them), and I found the exhibit to be really fun and interesting to check out. They all have such hilarious, quirky personalities! The center houses at least a dozen large birds of prey (all are rescued), which are open to visits from the public any day of the week during daylight hours, for free. Among the birds we visited included this Bald Eagle and Great Horned Owl, below.

photo 3 (1)

I look forward to checking out more of what the Leslie Science & Nature Center offers as the weather gets warmer, especially the hiking trails!

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2 thoughts on “Fried Chicken Lunch at Seoul Street

    • BYOS! Haha, love it. (I am an acronym fiend.) They are fantastic! I’ll def go back again for more fries and I actually loved the chicken strips too which I didn’t really mention in this post. They cook quickly and are quite delish!

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