Jerusalem Garden

Jerusalem Garden is a much-loved mainstay of the Ann Arbor eatery scene, but somehow I’ve never blogged about them before. Today I am here to remedy that. Having visited several times, I’ve developed a collection of several pictures of their cuisine.

Cozy seating is available inside Jerusalem Garden, but I typically visit for take-out. Fresh Middle Eastern cuisine is offered at affordable prices, with plenty of vegetarian options.

One of their most popular dishes is their falafel! In my opinion, Jerusalem Garden’s falafel is second only to L’as du Fallafel in Paris, France. (Which also happens to be one of the best things I have ever eaten, period.) Jerusalem Garden’s version features a crispy exterior, and a delightfully moist and herbaceous neon green center. Perfect!

image (27)

The falafel is also quite excellent in sandwich form. I prefer mine with hummus, for maximum texture contrast.

photo 10

My carnivorous huz often enjoys the beef Shish Kabob plate.

image (26)

The Chicken Shawarma Plate is also very good, but the flavor just isn’t quite as bold as I’d prefer. Their hummus is simply luscious, however!

photo 3

I find their personalized stickers to be rather charming. Smile

photo 2

Perhaps my favorite dish at Jerusalem Garden is their Fattoush salad, featuring parsley, cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper, red onion, carrot, lemon, salt, vinegar, olive oil and sumac served with pita. (You can order fried or toasted pita – I go for the fried!) This salad is simply divine. I devour it every time and have never visited without ordering one!

photo 1 (2)

Similar to their Fattoush Salad is the Tabbouli. More often, Tabbouli features bulgur, but Jerusalem Garden’s features quinoa instead, making for a tasty twist on traditional Tabbouli. (Hooray for alliteration!)

image (30)

A richly sweet piece of sticky, buttery baklava is a must for dessert. The pistachio variety makes for a pretty green piece of dessert, but the walnut variety is equally delicious, depending on your mood.

photo 4

In summary, to experience quintessential Ann Arbor dining, one simply must visit Jerusalem Garden! You won’t be disappointed. The environment is definitely casual, but oh-so Ann Arbor.


If you have visited JG, what is your favorite dish offered?

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9 thoughts on “Jerusalem Garden

  1. Definitely their fattoush (fried of course) and their falafel. I also love their kibbeh – the little football shaped ones that are filled ground meat.

    Wonder whatever happened to the rumor of JG moving into Seva spot and Blimpy taking their place? Maybe too good to be true.

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