Ravens Club’s Improved Menu

Hey friends! I’m excited to tell you about my most recent Ravens Club dining experience.

So, first a little history on my past experiences with Ravens Club over the past three years.

  • Ravens Clubs is definitely one of my favorite late-night hang outs.
  • I love the ambiance. It’s dark. It’s sexy.
  • The craft cocktail menu is always innovative, never boring, and the drinks always taste good.
  • Bottom line: I love drinking at Ravens Club. Let’s just be honest here.

But the food? The food just never really did it for me. I really, really, really wanted to like the food, since I love going to Ravens Club so much, but I just couldn’t get on board. (See my Ann Arbor Restaurants page for links to past reviews). On all my past visits, the dishes I ordered all seemed to be hit or miss and nothing ever blew me away.


But, my last visit changed the game. I am just loving Ravens Club’s new spring menu.

First off, about half of the dinner menu is devoted to cheese and charcuterie. Now I absolutely love cheese and charcuterie and would be a very happy girl if I could spend the rest of my life eating cheese and charcuterie platters. No lie. So I like this revision.

We selected a trio of cheeses and charcuterie, and Ravens Club made us a nice little platter with accompaniments well-suited for pairing. I let the huz choose the meat, while I chose the cheese.

    • Nduja – “spicy ‘spreadable’ salami, pork.” One of the new additions to the Charcuterie menu. I was skeptical but ended up loving the flavors in this savory, spreadable meat, which tasted strongly of smoked Spanish paprika. Highly recommend this.
    • Polder – “goat’s milk; slightly tangy, very creamy. Yummy, and my favorite of the two cheeses we tried.
    • Manchego – “goat’s milk; aged 6 months, caramel, nutty flavor”


Totally loved that platter.

For our mains, the huz and I each were both immediately drawn to a specific dish on the menu.

For me, it was the, Crispy Duck Confit, served with fried Brussels sprouts and raisin-stout mustard. I loved this dish. The pairing of the rich, juicy, tender duck meat with the crispy coating was delicious. The Brussels sprouts were crispy and buttery and also very scrumptious, while the mild raisin-stout mustard made for a unique accompaniment.


Naturally, my dining companion was immediately drawn to the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, served with skillet-baked mac & cheese.


The fried chicken also comes with Ravens Club’s new house-made, barrel-aged hot sauce. This is good stuff.


Man, I would have never guessed that Ravens Club would have such kick-ass fried chicken, but they DO! Huz and I shared our plates, and I ate every last morsel of chicken off my drumstick. The huz’s favorite food is fried chicken. So he has very high standards. A minute ago, he walked by and saw a picture of the Ravens Club logo up on my computer screen and he said, “OH! Remember that fried chicken from Ravens Club!? It was pimp!” So trust us when we tell you it was great.

While the mac & cheese is not the best I’ve ever had, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t any good. Because it was – quite good! The browned crispy topping provided a nice contrast to the creamy, cheesy macaroni below.


All in all, this was absolutely the best meal I’ve had at Ravens Club to date. I enjoyed every dish we ordered and had a really pleasant experience. I’m really happy to see Ravens Club constantly making improvements and changes for the better.


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