Knight’s Downtown Steakhouse

Knight’s Steakhouse has a new location downtown, located on the corner of E. Liberty Street and Maynard, in the former Borders space. Fun!

photo 9 (4)

I visited opening week for Friday night dinner. The was packed!

It looks really nice inside – more contemporary than their Dexter Avenue location in Ann Arbor, naturally. I appreciated that the décor was updated but didn’t feel like it was trying to hard to be the cool kid in school. Rather, I would describe the décor as stately, dignified, and elegant. Lots of clean white walls, handsome dark wood tables, and plush studded leather seats. There is a striking bar with a lot of seating located in the middle of the restaurant as well.

Many will be happy to know that the downtown location offers the same stiff drinks. I ordered my signature drink, a Bulleit Rye Manhattan. This is a strong drink, kids.

photo 1

Familiar accompaniments offered as well, including a complimentary basket of warm, addicting poppy seed rolls.

photo 2

In honor of the occasion, we both ordered a steak. It only seemed right.

I ordered the Sirloin with fries and a seasonal veggie. Loved the steak, can’t go wrong with fries. The veggies left a bit to be desired, but not many veggies are in season in April, so I’ll cut ‘em some slack.

photo 9 (6)

For the huz, Knight’s “signature cut,” the Cowboy Steak, a 20-22 oz bone-in Ribeye. Fantastic, of course.

photo 3

Our server was pleasant enough, and seemed to be trying hard, but seemed a little rusty in the world of wait staff. I’m sure with more practice, he’ll shine.

Knight’s offers a great new addition to the downtown area.

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7 thoughts on “Knight’s Downtown Steakhouse

  1. For the price Knights charges and the quality they have fallen. Very poor quality veggies, grill marks and quality of presentation I saw as well. The wait staff I thought would better as well.

  2. Not just stiff drinks, they’re huge – like swimming pools. I had the cowboy steak, too, and it was good. I still prefer cooking them at home for less than half the price. Our server was awful. I don’t know if she was inexperienced or just in the weeds. I RARELY complain to management while still at a restaurant hello, loogie sandwich – but it was just that bad. Ended up getting our 1st round of drinks comped.

  3. We just went Friday night and our waitress was wonderful-super prompt and friendly! Agree-drinks were enormous to the point that one lasted before, during and after a 3 course meal. French dip sammy and key line pie were good. Saving the steak for next time

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