Bocandy Review

Recently I was contacted by the folks over at Bocandy, with an offer to review their service on my blog in exchange for a complimentary bag of candy. Heck yeah, sign me up! I love trying new things, of course.


Bocandy is a subscription service for candy from around the world– kind of like Birchbox for treats. The treats arrived in a bright red padded shipper in my mailbox – unfortunately on the first warm Michigan day this spring, so my chocolate Curly Wurly treat got a little melted, but nothing a few minutes in the fridge couldn’t remedy.


Included in the May shipment were the following treats from around the world:

  • 1 Curly Wurly Bar (UK)
  • 4 Rademaker Hopjes Coffee Candies (Holland)
  • 1 ION Chocofreta Bar (Greece) 
  • 1 Haribo Roulette Roll (German) <- my fave!
  • 3 Arcor Viena Assorted Fruit candies (Argentina)
  • 1 roll of Haw Flakes (China) <- Surprisingly not bad.  I still don’t know what Haw is, though!
  • 2 Krowki Milanowskie Chocolate Cream Fudge Bricks (Poland)
  • Sea’s Gift Korean Seaweed Snack (South Korea)  (Bonus)

02 bocandy

All in all, Bocandy is a really fun and affordable way to try treats from around the world that would otherwise be difficult to obtain without paying really pricy shipping. I’m not a huge candy eater, but I do usually have a small, sweet treat after dinner on most nights, so this was perfect!

If you’re interested in getting your own Bocandy shipment for yourself (or would make a fun gift for a friend), check out their website.

Thanks for the treats, Bocandy.


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